Why You Need to “Be Yourself” within Your Business (…in Other Words, Be Authentic!)

Be You Be Authentic

Anyone who starts a business wants to succeed. No one starts a business hoping to fail at it. The question is, how do you go about making sure that you succeed? You have goals, but how to do you get to where you need to go? It’s not always easy.

There are the standard answers you always hear, such as “never give up”, “have a lot of confidence”, “be creative”, and more. But have you ever thought about how being yourself – being authentic to who you are can help you be successful in your business?

Here are some reasons why being yourself can help you within your business:

Decision Making will be Easier

If you’re trying to be something that you’re not, every time you do anything within your business you need to think about that first. Would “that type of person” do this? And so on. It’s going to be exhausting and take a lot more time to get things done.

When you’re being true to yourself, you’ll be true to your goals. You can think about what your next steps should be. You’ll be thinking about your values and morals and will be able to make the decisions that are right for you.

You’ll Work on the Right Things

When you’re being authentic to yourself, you’ll work on the things that are important to you. You won’t waste time working on things that you think others want you to do. You’ll be better at it too since it’s what you want to do, and that will show through. People will see that you’ll have higher quality of work than those who are doing something that they are not as interested in. They’ll see that there is more passion what you’re doing, and will be interested in following you.

You Protect Yourself from Less Than Favorable Influences

If you’re being yourself and are authentic, those who aren’t as open or truthful in their own lives will end to stay away from you. They don’t want to take the chance that you’ll tell others who they really are. Even if they don’t stay away, as soon as they see how open and honest you are, they’re not going to want to have a lot to do with you.

Often, people attract people that are similar to them. If you’re being authentic to yourself, you’ll have people coming to you who are also authentic to themselves.

People Want to Be Around You

People like being around those that they can trust. So when you’re authentic, people will see this and want to be around you. They’ll know that they can trust you, and that you do what you say you’re going to do. If you’re looking for people to work with, you’ll find a lot of people willing to work with you.

Even when you’re in social situations, you’ll notice that people will gravitate towards you more. We all like being around those that are open and honest, so you’ll find that people want to connect with you. You’ll often find that they’re willing to help you out more as well!

You’re Quick to Learn New Things

When you’re being authentic to yourself, you’re not going to waste time. If you realize that you’re stuck or aren’t sure what to do next, you’re more likely to look for solutions. You’re more likely to go and ask someone else for help. This means you’re more likely to have a successful outcome, since you’ll find a way to learn what you need to so that you can accomplish more.

You’re Seen as Not Taking the Easy Way Out

It’s not always easy to be yourself. You may wonder if people like the things you’re doing, even within your business. But by being authentic to yourself, people will realize that you don’t just take the easy way out. You don’t follow everyone else or do what others think you should do. You do what you think is right, and people will admire that. They’ll see that you try to do what is right, even if it’s not easy.

This will help people like you more, and trust you more as well.

You’ll Have Less Regrets

How many times has your gut tried to tell you something was wrong, or that you were heading off on a tangent? Authentic people tend to pay more attention to these feelings. Paying attention to your gut feelings will usually help you, because more often than not, your intuition is right. When it comes to making decisions, authenticity will guide you to do what you really want to do, over what you “should” do. Listen to your intuition, and you’ll find you have fewer regrets and more achievements.

You’re Seen as Having Integrity

Your reputation matters. It is perhaps the most significant help in achieving success. If people see you as being “real” and honest, they’re going to support you in whatever you do. They’ll want to work with you, help you, and be a part of the things that you do. No one wants to be around someone that isn’t honest and truthful. So being yourself will help you have a better reputation. It’ll help you succeed.

While it may not be easy at first, being yourself – being authentic to who you really are can only help you succeed within your business. For the many reasons stated above, being yourself will help you create a business that you enjoy, and that lets others want to be a part of. They’ll want to be around you, learn from you, and succeed with you. If you start off with nothing but being yourself, you’ve started off on the right path.


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