Have a Good Affiliate Offer to Promote? Send a Solo Email!

Send a Solo Email for Good Affiliate Offers

There are many ways to promote an affiliate product. You can promote it on your website in a blog post. You can put an “ad” on your website or in an email. You can promote an affiliate offer in a product you’ve created, or talk about it in an email. There are many ways to promote a good affiliate offer when you want to share it with the world.

Here’s one you might not be using, or if you are, you probably aren’t doing it enough. It’s sending a solo email. What’s that? It’s an email that only promotes one product. That’s the point of the email, and it’s the only call to action in the email.

It’s important to do this, because it can give you a lot of affiliate sales. If the product is that good, and will be that helpful to people, you need to be using solo ads to make sure that they notice it.

They Can’t Miss It

When you’re talking about an affiliate offer in the same place you’re talking about other things, some will miss it. Let’s say you’re sending an email to your list. You mention a blog post you’ve recently written. You mention 3 or 4 affiliate products you like. You share a video that you think will be helpful. While some people will see and click on the affiliate offer, many will click on something else instead.

It’s not that they weren’t interested, it’s just that there were many other things that got their attention. If you asked them afterwards, they most likely wouldn’t even remember reading that part of the email. They read it, and then it went right out of their mind.

When you send an email that only talks about one product, they can’t miss it. It’s the only thing in the email. They won’t accidentally skip over it and read what you wrote next. They won’t have it in their head and want to click on the link but then read the next thing and completely forget about what they read.

Also, when there is only one call to action – a link that brings them to the affiliate product – they have nowhere else to go. Either they click on that link or close the email. You don’t have to worry that something else got their attention and they end up doing that instead.

Give All the Details

When you’re talking about many different things in an email message, you can’t give too much time to any one of them. Each item gets only a few sentences at the most. Otherwise your emails would go on forever and people would stop reading them. But when you focus on only one thing in an email message, you can talk more in depth about it. You can share with your audience what you like best and least about the product. You can get into the specifics of why someone should (or shouldn’t) purchase the product.

You can give your audience a lot more details when it’s the only thing you’re talking about. You can share exactly what they get with the product. You can suggest how they would best use the product. You can give your opinion on it. You can offer bonuses. You can do a lot of things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Send It More Than Once

When you send a solo email because you think it’s important, you should send it more than once. I’m not suggesting you take the exact same email and send it over and over again. No one would be happy about that. But you should change certain things, and send it again.

Change the headlines. Give people different reasons why they should buy the product. Reorder the information so that if someone missed it the first time, they’ll see it this time. Send the email during a different day and time.

We all need to be told things more than once. Sometimes it’s because we forget. We read something and want to take action on it. Then we think about something else and completely forget about what was in our mind a minute earlier.

Also, people need time to consider if the product is for them. The first email you send about it could be introducing them to the product. They might not have heard of it before. The next time they get an email about it, they consider it a little more, and eventually they decide if the product is right for them or not.

Sending the information more than once will definitely increase your sales. More people will take note of what you’re saying, and will take action on it.

Resend to Members Who Did Not Open

Often people aren’t taking action on your emails because they aren’t opening them! If they didn’t open your email, it could be for many reasons. They might not have been interested in your subject line, and thought the email wasn’t for them. They might have gotten a lot of emails around the same time, and didn’t see it. They might have seen it and planned on opening it later and then forgot about it.

If you resend your email to those who didn’t open it the first time, you’ll get more people opening it and then taking action on it. Instead of sending the exact same email, you should change the subject line. They didn’t open it the first time, so there is a good chance that subject line didn’t resonate with them. Try something else that will be more likely to get them to open it. You can keep the rest of the email the same, since they never saw it the first time.

When you’re promoting something, it can really help to send a solo email about it. More people will see it, read it, and pay attention to it. You’ll get more clicks to the product, and more affiliate sales as well. Don’t forget that this is a great way to get people to stop and take notice when you want to promote a great affiliate product.


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