4 Ways to Make More Money Right Now as an Affiliate Marketer

Make More Money as An Affiliate Marketer

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re always looking for ways to earn more money with it. Why shouldn’t you? Affiliate marketing can be fun, and can make you a part or full time income online!

If you’re having problems ramping up your income online, the truth is that you’re most likely making it too complicated. Affiliate marketing should be simple. You share products that you like with others, and some of them will buy it! That’s it. You really don’t need to make it any more complicated than that.

If you’re trying to make more, here are 4 ways that should help you. You’ll notice that none of them are difficult, and you should be able to do them pretty easily.

1. Share What You’re Purchasing

What have you bought lately, especially within your niche? That’s what you need to be talking about. You’d know better about those products than any others. Talk about what you recently bought. You can mention things as you buy them, even if you haven’t gotten them in the mail yet.

Talk about why you bought the item. Was it on sale? Was it something you’ve been waiting for? What it an impulse buy? Are you glad you bought it?

Talk about the product. If you have it in your possession, you should be able to say all sorts of things that someone who hasn’t purchased the product yet couldn’t say. Tell people what you like best about the product. Tell them what you like least about the product. Yes, share anything you don’t like too. People will trust you more that way, plus just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that someone else will feel the same way.

You can tell people how you’re using the product. You can tell them if you thought it would be good for one use, but instead you’re using it for something else. Let them know how you feel about your purchase. Share as much information as you can. The more you tell others about the product, the easier it will be for them to decide if the product is right for them or not.

If you can, show some pictures of the product. You can show it while you’re using it, or wearing it, or even show it in some way that they haven’t seen before.

You don’t have to only share things you’ve purchased in the past few days or weeks. Share something you’ve been using for years. People will love to hear about a product that you’ve been using for a long time. Not only will they get to hear what you think about it, but they’ll also know that the product is long lasting. It didn’t break, you didn’t get sick of it, you didn’t replace it with something else (or something better.) You’re still using the product and you’re still (at least mostly) happy with it.

2. Offer Things At Different Price Points

You may assume that someone in your niche can spend a certain amount of money on a product, and only promote products in that price range.

But that’s an assumption on your part. There are people who can’t afford higher priced items, but there are people out there that can. When you only offer one price point, you’re narrowing down how many sales you’ll make.

Some people will think that a product is too expensive, and not purchase it. But others will be fine with that price, and will buy it. The same thing can happen with a lower priced product too. Some people may be fine with buying it, while others may think that at that price it isn’t going to be high enough quality, and won’t want to buy the product. In other words, whatever the price point, some people will think it’s too expensive, or too inexpensive.

That’s why offering multiple price points is a good idea. Some people will buy the less expensive products, and others will buy the more expensive products.

If you only promote lower priced products, it will take a lot of selling to make a decent amount of money online. Obviously, when you sell higher priced products, you’ll make more commission. But not everyone can afford the higher priced items. So by selling a mix of both, you can make everyone happy and can make more commissions.

3. Share Stories

No matter what niche you’re in, there are a lot of other people in your niche. Why do people get and stay on a list? Why do they read someone’s blog? It’s because they like the person. How do they get to like someone? They have to get to know the person, and then they can like and trust them.

You let people get to know you by sharing stories. You can share stories about your life, about your job, about your niche. There are so many things that you can share. By doing this, your audience will get to know, like, and trust you more. This will get them to follow you whether it’s on your blog, email, or social media.

When you’re sharing your stories, some people will resonate with them. They’ll say that they’re a lot like you, or who they want to be, and they’ll stick around. They’ll want to read more of what you have to write. Make sure you’re sharing stories, and you’ll keep your audience coming back for more information from you.

4. Contact Your Audience More (Promote More)

Yes, this is one is going to sound obvious, but hear me out. If you have a blog and you post twice a month, that only gives you two times each month that you can promote something. If you email your list once a week, that only gives you one time a week that you can promote something.

The more that you contact your audience and promote, the more money you’ll make. Now, I’m not saying to be promoting things nonstop, but if you’re only sending out one email a week, see what happens when you send out two or three. If you’re only posting a new blog post twice a month, try once a week. If you’re posting on social media once in a while, try doing it more regularly.

As people get to know you better (and they will if you’re contacting them more regularly), they’ll trust you more and start to purchase through your links more.

It’s not always easy to be an affiliate marketer, but there are things you can do to make more money with it. You need to keep at it, let your list get to know you better, and you’ll start earning more money.


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