Create Special Bonuses to Make More Affiliate Sales

Giving Bonuses for Affiliate Products

Are you looking to make more affiliate sales? If there is a big (high paying) affiliate product that was recently released, you may be looking for an edge. What can you do to convince them that they should buy right now? More importantly, what can you do to convince them to buy through your link instead of someone else’s?

While you always want to make more sales, there may be specific times that you especially want to make more sales from an affiliate product. It could be because it is a high paying affiliate product. It could also be because they’re holding a contest, and if you make a certain amount of sales (or the most sales, depending on the contest) you could win something.

It doesn’t matter the reason. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways to do so is to offer your own bonus product.

What does this mean? It means when someone buys a product from someone else, but uses your link, they get something from you. You can decide what it is, but it’s something extra that the seller of the product has nothing to do with.

Bonuses Incentivize Customers

Your audience knows that you won’t promote just anything. It has to be a high quality product for you to promote it, and be helpful to them. But they also know that they can’t buy every single product out there. So they have to be picky in exactly what they want to buy. So if someone is on the border of buying, seeing something extra from you could push them over the edge. It might be the thing that changes them from a maybe to a definitely, I have to have this product.

If it’s a large promotion, there is a good chance that you’re not the only one showing it to many of the people in your audience. In fact, there’s a good chance they’re getting emails from multiple people promoting it. Why should they buy it through your link? Personally, they don’t care if you’re the one that gets the commission or not. They most likely aren’t even thinking about it. They’re only thinking that they want the product, and are going to buy it.

But when you have an awesome bonus to offer along with the product, you’ll get people who will go out of their way to buy it through your link. They’ll be even happier with you, because not only did they get the product that they wanted, but a great bonus from you as well.

What Types of Bonuses to Offer

When you’re trying to figure out what type of bonus you should offer, the first thing to do is take into consideration the product. You want to ensure that your bonus helps them with the original product they’re going to buy. For example, if they’re about to buy a product on blogging, you’ll want to give them something that will help with blogging. You might want to give them some blogging templates, or something that could help them make money with blogging. You don’t want to give them something that’s completely unrelated. You want the bonus to have at least something to do with what they’re buying.

You can offer them a template or checklist that will help them use the product more. You can offer a product that you created that would be helpful for them. You can offer your own time (whether it’s one-on-one or a group call) where you answer any questions. You can offer anything that you think someone who is buying the product will like.

You want to come up with something that will make someone go out of their way to buy from you, instead of getting the product the first place they see it. You want them to be excited to get your bonus.

Ways to Deliver Your Bonuses

One of the hardest parts of figuring out a bonus offer isn’t coming up with the offer but the delivery method. The good news is that recently technology has gotten better and it’s now a lot easier in most cases to do so.

In many affiliate marketing platforms, affiliates can add their bonuses directly to the platform. So you’d just upload whatever you want, and anytime someone buys the product, they’ll automatically get the bonus. You don’t have to do anything extra, and your buyers are very happy with you.

If the affiliate marketing platform the person is using doesn’t have this, don’t despair. There is another way you can set this up.

Create a download page with a password on it, Then give the buyer the download page and password once they’ve proven they bought the product. Have them send you their receipt, and then you can give them the information.

It isn’t very hard to do. It does take extra time and effort because now you need to send each person a link (or a product) once they prove they bought the product. It’s still easy to do, and you’ll make your buyers very happy.

Should You Offer Bonuses for all Affiliate Products?

Once you start doing this, you may wonder if you should always offer bonuses. While it’s completely up to you, you may find that it’s not worth it. If you’re not making that much in commission, it may be more work than you want to put in. Plus, then you need to find something good to give as a bonus for every product you promote.

There are probably some people who will look for a bonus no matter how small the price tag of what they’re buying. My guess is they are few and far between though. Most people will only look for bonuses when they’re spending a decent amount of money. Plus, if someone is only spending a small amount of money, the bonus wouldn’t be that large anyway, and again, probably won’t be worth it.

Creating special bonuses for high-value launches will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll get more sales now, and in the future. Why? Once you offer a great bonus, people will start coming to you first to see if you’re offering something special. They’ll know you’re someone who offers high quality bonuses, and you’ll be their first stop before they buy anything in that niche. You’ll not only make more money because of it, but start winning more contests as well. Plus, with more people buying from you, you’ll grow your list!


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