What Are You Promoting for Amazon Prime Big Deals Day?

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days
I had to tear myself away from Amazon to write this post.


It’s Amazon Prime Big Deals Days today and tomorrow.  I need a few things, and I have to admit I love to get a good deal. I’m happy to pay more for quality…so it’s not about spending as little as I can. For me it’s about knowing I got the best price on a product that I possibly can. So on a day like today, I have to go check on the things I’ve been thinking about purchasing and see if the prices are indeed lower and better.

I know I’m not alone here.  People like to know they’re getting a good deal! Let’s face it. There are always things people need to buy, and Amazon sells everything. Plus we’re starting to get into holiday season, and there are some people that will be trying to save money by starting their holiday shopping today. It makes sense!

I got lucky a little while ago. My umbrella broke a week and a half ago in all the rain we’ve been getting. My husband loves his umbrella (because you hit a button to open and close it, so it’s nice and easy) and told me to go to Amazon and get the same one, but I told him we were so close to Amazon Prime Big Deals Days that I was going to wait to see if it went on sale. I did the right thing. It was $14 and change then, but $8.50 this morning, so it was worth the wait.  We even got a second one as a backup to keep in the car.

Have you found any good deals this morning? Anything you can share with your audience that will help them? It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, I’m sure there is something that will be helpful, and that your audience will appreciate.

If you feel like there’s nothing in your niche on Amazon (which I find hard to believe…) what about books?  There are books on almost every topic, and there are a LOT of books that are on sale today and tomorrow as well.

If you don’t see anything in your niche you want to share, why not share what you’re buying?  Or something you have and absolutely love, and is at a great price now?

You might think that your audience would get annoyed, but if they’re part of your audience, they know, like and trust you. They want to know what you like, and what products you think are good.

Think about it.  Did you get annoyed that I shared what umbrella I bought this morning?  I’m guessing it didn’t bother you, and I’m sure a few people will click on the link (which of course is an affiliate link) if they need a new umbrella and want a good one at a low price.  Even if you didn’t know me very well, it’s nice to know what someone recommends instead of just saying, “There are thousands of deals at Amazon…go through them and find something!”

After I post this, I’m going to go back to Amazon to look at cat trees. My two cats have completely broken their last one, and so now I want to find a new one. If I saw someone share what one they have, even if they weren’t in a cat niche, I’d be happy to take their recommendation! Since I haven’t seen that, I’ll be looking at a lot of reviews, hoping to find one that will last a little bit longer this time.

So if you want to earn more today and tomorrow, make sure you share some of the things you’re seeing on Amazon that you like and are great deals!  Your audience will thank you for it.

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