How to Drive Constant Traffic to Evergreen Affiliate Offers

Traffic to Evergreen Affiliate Offers

When you have evergreen offers available, your goal is to drive as much traffic to them as you can. That’s how you’ll keep making money. The more traffic you have going to these offers, the more money you’ll start to make.

There are many different ways to drive traffic, and it doesn’t matter which you use. The key is that you should consistently be driving new traffic. If you share an evergreen offer once, and that’s it, you won’t get much traffic to it. This means you won’t make many sales with it either. But if you consistently have traffic going to the affiliate offers, you’ll make a more consistent income.

The best ways to drive consistent traffic to evergreen offers is by sharing great content. When you’re educating, informing, and motivating your audience, they’ll be happy to take action.

Here are some ways that you can drive consistent traffic to the evergreen affiliate offers that you’re promoting.

Publish More Blog Posts

This may sound obvious, but the more posts you have that talk about an affiliate offer, the more chances people have to see it. If they read these posts, they might click on the links and take action.

You might think that you can’t post about the same product in blog posts, but you’d be mistaken. There are many ways that you can bring up the same evergreen affiliate promotion in different posts.

One way is by talking about the evergreen offers in different ways. In one post you can write a review about the product. In another post you can talk about how it’s helped you. In yet another post, you can include it in a list of products that you love.

If you write a post that lists resources, you can list it there. If the product helps you with something in particular, put it in a cheat sheet that you create and post online. Consider getting the product creator/owner to do a guest post on your website, or do an interview with them. You can do a post where you compare the product to a different one. You get the point.

As you can see, you can come up with many different ways to talk about an evergreen product. It doesn’t have to be repetitive or seem like all you’re doing is talking about one product. It also doesn’t have to take up the whole post! You can be talking about a bunch of different things, and this is just one of them.

One thing I like to do is have a call to action at the end of each blog post. What is it you want the person to do when they finish your blog post? In it, you can talk about an affiliate product. You can have a blog post on another topic, and then at the end, do an “About the Author” with that affiliate promotion. This will give you an unlimited number of blog posts that you can promote it in!

I’m sure you can come up with other ways that you can talk about the evergreen affiliate promotions too. As long as the post is relevant and has a goal, it’s a great idea to write!

Send Out More Emails

There’s a good chance that you don’t send enough emails. Most people are uncertain about emailing their audience, afraid that they will be bothering them. But if you’re providing content, and are educating your audience, you’re helping them. So take a look at how often you’re emailing, and consider emailing more.

One easy way to send more helpful emails is to send one every time you write a new blog post. You can let your audience know that you wrote a new blog post and send them there. Or you can include part of the blog post in your email, so that you can educate your audience within your email.

In each of your emails, you’ll be informing and educating your audience. But on top of that, you can also share evergreen affiliate promotions. These products are helpful to (at least some) of your audience as well. They’ll appreciate it.

Share on Social Media

You should also be posting your evergreen affiliate offers on social media. How can you do this? Well, one easy way to do it is to share everything you publish on your blog on social media. Even if all you have is a link to the blog post, it will be helpful as some people will click on it. Then they’ll see your evergreen affiliate offer when they read the blog post. You can also share the evergreen affiliate offer in a social media post by themselves.

A lot of people won’t see what you post on social media when you post it the first time. So it’s good to post older blog posts over again. You may feel that it’s a “repeat”, but for most people it won’t be. So share anything good that you post more than once. This will also give your audience more of a chance to see the evergreen promotions. This goes for social media posts where you only talk about a promotion as well. It doesn’t have to be a blog post for you to post it multiple times. You can do this for any helpful social media post you do.

If you talk about evergreen affiliate promotions via your blog, email, and social media, you’ll get the word out more. More people will see the promotions, and take action on it. Don’t assume that if you talk about something once, that you’re done. You’re in no way finished and should be talking about them over and over. You can come up with new ways to get the word out.

Soon you’ll start getting more traffic and have more people reading your blog posts, emails, and social media posts. When this happens, you’ll start to see that you’ll start earning more money as well.


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