Promoting Evergreen Affiliate Products vs. Products with Short Lived Affiliate Promotions

Evergreen Products vs Short Term Affiliate Promotions

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll notice that there are different types of products that you can promote. There are evergreen products, and then there are products with short lived promotions. What’s the difference, and which should you promote?

What is an Evergreen Affiliate Product?

An evergreen product is one that’s always available to promote. So you can promote the product now, next week, next month, or even next year. Once it launches, it will always be available. There are no plans to take the product down or make it unavailable.

Why would you want to promote an evergreen product? Because it doesn’t matter when you do it, it’ll be available. When you choose a product to promote, you might want to be able to promote it for a while. You can do the work once, and reuse it as often as you want.

For example, you may spend some time creating an email series promoting a product. If it’s evergreen, you can then use that set of emails again as often as you want. No extra work is required. The same will work for social media posts. You can reuse them as often as you want, and they’ll be just as helpful as they were the first time.

When you spend time writing a blog post, you want it to be valid for a while. You don’t want to spend an hour or more writing a blog post, only to have it be considered “old” and not useful anymore a short time later. So when you find an evergreen affiliate product, you can write a post and know that it will still link to a valid affiliate product, even after some time.

It’s the same for a video or podcast as well. Once you create either one of them, you want them to continue to be helpful. If someone listens or watches them a year later, you’ll want it to be just as helpful as it was the day you created it. That means you’ll want any products you promoted to still be available as well.

Evergreen products give you passive income. You do the work once, and even if someone sees your blog post a year or two later, you can still make money off of it. They’re very helpful to have in your business.

Since it is an evergreen product, there is one thing that may be seen as a negative. There is no reason to make the purchase right away. When a product is going away, or the price is going up, it makes people take action. If the price is staying the same, and the product isn’t going anywhere, what’s the reason someone should buy? It can be harder to get people to pull the trigger on an evergreen product.

What is a Short Lived Affiliate Promotion?

A short lived affiliate promotion is exactly like it sounds. It is a promotion that ends. It doesn’t usually last very long. This could be for many reasons. Often a short lived affiliate promotion happens when a product is either newly launched, or goes on sale. This means that a product is at a low price for a short amount of time, but then will go up in price. Another reason that a product could have a short lived affiliate promotion is that the product is only going to be around for a short time. Sometimes people launch products and only keep them available to purchase for a short time. This could be because they only want a certain amount of customers. It could be because the content of the product will be outdated soon so it won’t last that long. There are multiple reasons that it can be a short lived promotion.

The great thing about a a short lived affiliate promotion is that it’s easier to promote. People have to pull the trigger in a short time. You can tell people that they need to buy now if they’re interested, because it won’t be around a short time later.

When you promote a short lived affiliate promotion, people will see that they don’t have a lot of time. They’ll often stop what they’re doing and take a look at the product to see if it’s something they’re interested. If they are, they’ll purchase right away or soon after so that they don’t miss out.

If you’re sending out emails to your list (and you should be) these types of promotions are very good to use. You’re not only sharing great resources to your list, but you’re telling them why they need to buy it now. You’re saying it won’t be available soon, so it’s now or never.

Of course, there is something that may be seen as a negative about these types of promotions as well. You still put in a lot of effort to promote these products, and soon they won’t be available. You’re only going to get to use the content you create to promote it for a short time. You most likely don’t want to use them in a blog post or anywhere else that people will look at in the future. Why? Because it will look bad for you. If someone reads about a product they’re interested in and clicks your link only to find out that the product is no longer for sale (or is at a higher price) they’ll feel like you let them down.

Which Should You Promote?

The answer is that you should be promoting both types. Both are good, and if you only promoted one, you’d be missing out on a lot of great products. The key is that you should pay attention to where you’re promoting them.

When you find a great evergreen product, you can write a blog post about it. You can write an email about it, and then also put it in your autoresponder series so that anyone who joins your list can learn about it. You can talk about it on videos and podcast as well. Of course you can also talk about it on social media too. In fact, when you write an email about an evergreen promotion or do some social media, make sure you save the content. Then you can reuse it whenever you want!

As for short lived affiliate promotions, they have their place too. They’re perfect for emails. When there is something time limited, send an email (or two or three) and your list will learn about it. They’ll be able to take action right then if they want to. Posting it on social media is great too. They’ll see it right away and can click on your links right then if they’re interested.

Both evergreen products as well as short term affiliate promotions are helpful. They should both be used in your business. You just need to make sure you’re using them in the right places so that you can make the most out of them.


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