Why You Have Run Out of Content Ideas & How to Get More

How to Get More Content Ideas

You may not consider yourself a content creator, but if you have a business, you create content. You write for your blog, social media, products you create, emails you send, and more!

It can get to a point where you feel like you’ve run out of content. Any time you come up with an idea, you realize that you’ve already done it. You may have no idea of what to write next, and wonder if you need to come up with a new niche. The truth is that coming up with fresh content ideas all of the time can sometimes be challenging.

If you’re stuck in a rut, and feel like you’ve already covered everything within your niche, you’re not alone. We all once in a while get to a point where we wonder if there is anything left to write about. The good news is that there is still plenty to write about. With a few small changes, you’ll have plenty of ideas of what to write about next.

Here are some reasons that you may have run out of content ideas, and how you can come up with more.

You’re Staying in Your Comfort Zone

If you’re used to sticking to certain topics, eventually you’ll feel like you’ve run out of ideas. It’s not going to be easy, but you need to step out of your comfort zone. Start talking about slightly different topics. You don’t have to come up with a new niche, but you should branch out and explore new topics within your niche. Think about what else you are passionate about within your niche. Come up with ideas of what other topics would be helpful to the people within your niche.

This will jump start your creativity. It will also help you come up with a lot of other ideas to start writing about.

You’re Not Keeping Up with What’s Going On

Are you staying up-to-date with the latest news in your niche? Even if you don’t think there is anything new within your niche, you may be mistaken. There could be new products, techniques, technologies, or something else. Make sure you’re checking what’s new. Is there industry news you can look at? If nothing else, take a look at what people within your niche are talking about on social media.

This will give you a lot of new ideas to write about. You can give your opinions about what’s going on right now in your industry. You can talk about the new products or technology that’s been released. You can also then talk about what other people think about these ideas vs. what your opinion is on them! Often you’ll feel differently about a topic than others within your niche. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about why you feel the way that you do.

As a side benefit of doing this, you may get more traffic. Why? Because people who are interested in the currently trending topics within your niche will see your posts when they do a search! So now you’ll not only have new topics to talk about, but they may get more traffic than other ideas that you come up with to write about.

You Don’t Have a List of Ideas

If you’re sitting down in front of your computer waiting for ideas to come to you, you’ll be in trouble. It’s not easy to come up with a great idea when you need to create content.

Instead, make sure you always have a notebook handy. It can be pen and paper or online. Preferably, you’ll have both. Then, whenever you have an idea for content, write it down. That way, when you’re ready to create content all you have to do is look at your list and decide what you want to write about!

You won’t believe how much nicer it is to have a list to choose from whenever you want to write. Also, you’ll be surprised at when you come up with ideas of what you want to write about. You could be in the car, in the shower, or even falling asleep! You may think that you’ll remember the ideas when you’re ready to write, but most of the time the ideas are long gone at that point. Being able to choose what to write about from a list is so much nicer than having to come up with an idea right then and there.

You’re Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

This may be similar to the last one, but it is also somewhat different. If you’re constantly rushing to meet deadlines, it can be easy to run out of ideas. When you’re under pressure, it’s hard to be creative! You need to try to write your content ahead of time, or at least have the idea of what you’re going to write about ahead of time.

If you know you’re going to need some ideas of what to write about, make sure you spend some time ahead of time brainstorming. This way you’ll be more creative and can come up with many idea. Then when it’s finally time to create your content, you can use one of the ideas you brainstormed already. This way you won’t have to rush to come up with a topic and get it finished. You’ll be calm and be able to write content that you’re happy with.

You’re Trying to Please Everyone

When you’re first starting out, you want to be able to help everyone. Often this means that you’re trying to please everyone. You don’t want to say something that won’t relate to everyone, and won’t make everyone happy.

The problem with that is that you aren’t very focused. When you’re trying to write for a smaller target audience, you can be more honest. You can have more relevant content that is engaging. You’ll have a smaller audience, sure. But these people will be rabid fans who really understand what you’re writing. They’ll feel the same way you do and want to read what you write. They’re also more likely to take your suggestions, such as buy products from you or someone else. This will make it easier for you to come up with new ideas.

If you have difficulties coming up with new ideas, don’t panic. Instead, just take a step back and assess the situation. By identifying why you’re running out of ideas, you can make some changes to help jump start your creativity and get those ideas flowing again.


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