What is PLR and Why Should I Use it in My Business?

What is PLR?

If you’ve seen the letters PLR mentioned somewhere, you may wonder what it means. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. The definition of private label rights is that it’s content that has a license that allows someone to change and use the content as their own. Another way of putting it is that it’s done-for-you. If you buy private label rights to a blog post for example, you have the right to post it and put your name on it. You can also make as many (or as few) changes as you want to it.

PLR products usually come with a license, and that will tell you exactly what you can and can’t do with it. Some don’t want you to post the content on a blog where anyone can read it. Others say you must charge a certain amount for the content. You can’t give it away for free or charge less than they say. There are others that you can do anything that you want with, as long as you don’t try to resell the information as PLR. That’s why it’s important to always read the license so you know what you can do with it before you buy it.

Why Use PLR in Your Business?

You may think that using PLR content in your business would be a bad idea. I mean, why would you want to have the same exact content that other people have?

You’d be surprised at why it’s so good to use within your business. In fact, it can help grow your business in multiple ways! Here are a few of the reasons that you should consider using PLR content:

Most People Who Buy it Don’t Use it: If you’re worried that everyone will have the same exact content as you, there is no need to be. No one knows the exact numbers, but I’ve heard that it seems that up to 90% of people who buy PLR products don’t use them.

Why? Well I’m sure they have good intentions. But you still have to do some work to put it up. If it’s a blog post, you still need to go into WordPress, create a new blog post, and copy-and-paste the content in. You’ll probably want to add an image, maybe some links. That might take 10 or so minutes. Some people don’t want to spend even that much time.

Another reason that a lot of it goes unused is because people buy it saying that they’ll use it “one day.” I’ve been guilty of that myself. If I see some high quality PLR that is in a subject I like, I’ll buy it, even though I don’t have time to do anything with it now. It sits there, but I’m not using it yet. People assume that “one day” they’ll have time to use the content, but often that never happens.

It’s Faster Than Writing From Scratch: It can be difficult to write something from scratch. Staring at a blank screen isn’t fun. You don’t know what to say, or where to say it. When you have something written, even if you make a lot of changes, it goes faster. You’re changing the things you want instead of having to write the entire piece of content.

In fact, you can spend only a few minutes making changes to the content. If you’re happy with what’s said and how it’s said, it shouldn’t take much time at all!

You Automatically Know Anything You Want to: Let’s face it. You don’t know everything. None of us do. Even when it comes to our own niche we can’t know everything. But sometimes we want to teach something that we don’t know (or don’t know well.) That’s where PLR content really shines. You can now know about any topic that you wish! The content you get can help you teach things you don’t already know. It’s great. You now have well written content on a topic without having to do all of the research to learn it yourself first.

You’ll have More Content in a Shorter Time: Let’s say you have a brand new blog. It could take weeks or months to build up to having a decent amount of blog posts. Starting with PLR, in a shorter amount of time you can have quite a few blog posts up and ready to go! The same thing works with your own products. If you were to create all of your products from scratch, to go from having no products to 5 for example could take you months if not over a year. Using PLR, you can have 5 products of your own to sell in a much shorter time.

Can You Use it Without Changing it?

The truth is that if the license says that you don’t have to change it, then you don’t HAVE to change it. So the honest answer is yes, you can use PLR without changing it. But I don’t suggest it.

If you use the exact same everything as you get it, there is no doubt in my mind that it won’t be unique. There will be at least one other person out there (and probably more) who do the same. If it’s a blog post, it’s now duplicate content. If it’s a product, that’s a little more complicated. They won’t know that the product is exactly the same, but if they see the same title, they may be confused. They may not buy it, or at least not from you.

But do you need to change everything? Absolutely not. The absolute minimum you should change with PLR is the title. That’s something that should only take a few seconds for you to do. Now at least your title is unique, whether it’s a blog post or a product or anything else.

What I like to do with PLR is to go through it and read it as if I was writing it. I’d make a few changes here and there to make it sound more like I was writing it. This way you couldn’t tell that someone else wrote it, since it had my tone. I’d also add some information if I found it helpful. If I didn’t like something, I’d delete it.

In under an hour (depending on how long your content is) you can go through something, make a few changes, change the tone, and be finished. That’s a lot less time than it would have taken you to create the piece of content from scratch. On top of that, now it’s pretty unique, and most people wouldn’t be able to tell that it was PLR to begin with.

How do You Know if It’s Worth it?

Anyone can be a PLR provider. How do you know that the PLR content is good, and won’t need to be rewritten from scratch? There are a few different ways that I like to check before I spend a lot of money with a PLR provider.

Check their free stuff: Most of the time, a good PLR provider will offer something for free. It might be a short report, a few articles, or something else. But it will let you get some content from them so that you can see what the quality is like. This makes me happy as I then know what to expect when I buy something from them.

Look for reviews: Go to your favorite search engine, and look up the name of the provider plus the word review. If people are unhappy with their products, you’ll see them complaining. Read at least a few of the reviews to make sure they’re legitimate complaints, and decide from that.

Ask for recommendations: Do you know someone who uses PLR content? Ask who they recommend. If you already have one or two PLR providers but are looking for something that they don’t offer, consider asking them for a recommendation. They’ll often use an affiliate link and be happy to recommend someone else to you that they think is high quality.

Buy something very low cost: If you still can’t tell if something you want to buy from a different PLR provider is high quality or not, buy something small. Better to spend a few dollars on something small to see what the quality is like then to spend a lot and be disappointed.

If you’re looking to grow your business, consider using PLR content in your business. Having content that is already done-for-you can help you in many different ways. Why do everything from scratch if you don’t have to?


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