How Chocolate Can Help You Earn More Money Today…

National Chocolate Day

Did you know that today, October 28th is National Chocolate Day? You may or may not be among them, but a LOT of people love chocolate. Today, you can make your audience happy and give them a reason to buy some chocolate! (Personally, I never need an excuse. I’m always up for buying more chocolate!)

Since it’s National Chocolate Day, it’s a great day to mention chocolate to your audience! You can mention your favorite chocolate bar, your favorite chocolate desserts, or anything else chocolatey. Maybe share your favorite recipe that includes chocolate in it! If you (GASP) don’t like chocolate, you can share that as well, and tell people what you prefer to eat instead.

You can also include some links of where people can buy chocolate…and of course you’re going to use affiliate links, right?

Here are a few places you can earn from today by promoting chocolate, and how much you’ll make:

Lindt – You can get up to 4% though their affiliate programs.
Ghirardelli – You can get up to 8% through their affiliate programs.
Godiva – They’re offering free shipping today only. You can get up to 10% through their affiliate programs.

You might want to consider promoting Beyond Good today as they are offering 20% off today with code CHOCOLATE20. You can get up to 10% through their affiliate programs.

Venchi is another great company to promote today.  They’re offering free shipping when someone spends $15 today only, which is a great deal from them. You can get 4% through their affiliate programs.

I couldn’t find any affiliate programs for Jacques Torres, but he’s offering 15% off today through his site.

Not only will you have something fun to talk to your audience about, but I bet you’ll make some of them very happy talking about and sharing chocolate!

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