How to Get Special Deals, Promotions, and Bonuses as an Affiliate Marketer

Special Deals for Affiliates

Being an affiliate marketer is awesome. You promote other people’s products and services, and get paid for it! I don’t know about you, but I often do that for free – I love sharing things that I really like. So to get paid for it is great.

Did you know that you can make even more money, promoting the exact same products that you’ve been promoting? In other words, you can make more money without really doing any extra work!

All you need to do is reach out to people. I know it sounds too simple, but that’s all it takes.

What Can You Expect?

If you talk to the people who created (or own) the product (or their affiliate manager), you can often ask them to create special deals and promotions for you. They want you to sell more, because when you make more money, so do they! So it’s a win-win, and they will often do what they can to boost your sales.

What can you expect them to offer you? They might be willing to offer your list a sale price with a coupon that other people aren’t getting. They could offer bonuses to people who buy through your link. They could offer a bundle that isn’t being offered anywhere else. In other words, they can offer your list a deal that they can’t find anywhere else.

They could also offer their time. Maybe they can do a webinar with the people on your list. Or maybe they’ll be willing to answer questions that people on your list have. Getting time from a product owner can be very helpful to the people on your list, and will also help you make more sales.

This in turn will get more people to buy through you, since you’re offering something that they can’t get somewhere else. They’ll see your great offer and be excited by it. They’ll also realize that by staying on your list they might see things and get deals they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

You’ll also often find that the product creators (and affiliate managers) are willing to help you as well. They might offer you a higher percentage of commission if you send them a lot of sales. They might offer you a free product. They may offer you a bonus if you sell a certain amount of products.

It really is a win-win when you sell more for them. That’s why they’re often willing to help create deals for your audience, as well as offer you more money as well.

You may be wondering how you can get these special deals that not everyone gets. All you need to do reach out to the people who are in charge of the affiliate program. It could be the product creator or owner, or even an affiliate manager.

Start talking to them, and tell them about yourself and how you promote their products. Let them know how much you’ve sold of their products. Then all you have to do is ask! How can you do that?

How You Ask Is Important

How you ask a product owner for special deals, promotions, or bonuses is important. Make sure they understand what’s in it for them and how hard you’re going to work. The first step is to contact the product owner in a way that you know they’ll see your message and respond to you. For some product creators, this is going to be through your affiliate dashboard. For some product owners this may be through email. Other product owners may prefer to talk to you on the phone.

Do Your Research

How you approach them will depend on what you can find out by researching them online. Sometimes they’ll even say right on their affiliate dashboard (or via email) that they’re happy to create special promotions and all you have to do is ask. Make sure that you give enough information about your audience and your business so that they know it’s not a waste of time to provide the added incentives to you and your audience.

Product creators often put a lot of time and effort (and expense) into creating the products so if they spend extra time helping you promote, while it will pay off for them, they’re going to want to assess your situation to see if it’s worth the time spent. In other words, if you aren’t making many sales and have a very small list at the moment, you may want to wait until you can offer them more sales first.

Don’t Be Dissuaded

Don’t be dissuaded if a product creator says no. Instead, especially if you respect the creator (and you should not be promoting products if you don’t like and respect the creator), you’ll want to promote harder and prove to them that you’re worth the added benefits that you asked for such as for them to appear on a webinar with you, or by offering an extra discount for your audience, and so forth. Prove to them your sales ability, and they’ll be knocking on your door the next time they launch something new. So don’t be afraid to try again, once your sales have improved or you have a bigger audience or something else to offer them. They’ll be happy to hear from you and may be willing to do something with you at that point.

Be Professional

Be professional when you contact the person. Make sure you have a plan in place so that they don’t have to do much extra work. Thank them for their awesome product that you want to promote. Explain what you like about it. Tell them why you want to promote it to your audience and why and how the bonus or special deal or benefit you want from them will help them make more sales to your audience. Show your joy and excitement about everything to do with their awesome product so that they get excited about working more directly with you.

Finding ways to treat your audience special by getting them discounts, bonuses, and more can be very helpful for them and you. Your fans will start seeing you as a special expert and come to you first before buying the same thing from someone else because you might have the discount or bonus or webinar to help them understand how to use the product better. Anything you can do to stand out will help.


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