2022 Affiliate Marketing Challenge

2022 Affiliate Marketing Challenge

Do you want to make more money with affiliate marketing? Or start making money with it if you haven’t made a dime yet? Then join along with my 2022 Affiliate Marketing Challenge.

I love affiliate marketing, because it’s doing something that you’re already doing anyway. In fact, it’s something you’ve been doing your whole life! We all tell our friends and family about the products we love. When you see a movie that you really enjoy, you’re going to tell people about it. When you buy a new smartphone and it does everything you want and more, you’re going to tell people about it. Most of us love to share the things we enjoy with others.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. Telling people about the products you like (and don’t like.) When someone buys the product you talked about (or even something else at the same store) you’ll get paid! It’s awesome.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to start a business if you’re new. You don’t have to have your own product. You don’t have to worry about customer service. You don’t have to worry about how to accept money. Plus, who do you think it’s going to be easier to promote – you – who most people have never heard of, or big companies that people shop with every day?

Once you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer, you may want to know what you can do to make more money each day. That’s why I wanted to start the 2022 Affiliate Marketing Challenge. Every day we’ll talk about something that can help you earn more money with affiliate marketing. There are so many different things you can do to earn more, and to do it in a way that makes you comfortable.

Day 1: Finding Products to Promote

One way to increase your income with affiliate marketing is to have more products to promote! If you’re only promoting a few products, you may not make as much. Either people will buy them and then have the products, or they’ll decide they don’t want them. But if you have more products to promote, there is a better chance that someone will come along and buy one.

How do you come up with products to promote? Here are a few ways:

What did you buy recently? The best products to promote are ones that you’ve purchased yourself. You can share what you liked best about them, what you didn’t really like, and more. You can tell people why you bought it, and whether you’d buy it again. In other words, you’re now an expert in that product since you bought it and now own it. Let people know how you feel about it! Share where you bought it, and how much you paid (if you want.) Of course, make sure you have an affiliate link to the product.

What are your favorite products within your niche? It doesn’t matter when you bought them. If it’s still possible that they could help someone, share them! Maybe you have a product that you bought when you were new to the niche, and it helped you out tremendously. Do you have a product that you couldn’t live without? Think about the product you’ve bought in your niche…and promote the ones that you like the best!

Start making a list of the products that you like and use now, or that you used to use and were helpful.   Try to keep the list up to date.  Then, whenever you want to promote a different product, you’ll already have a list to look at instead of having to come up with a new product each time.

Day 2: How to find affiliate programs for products you want to promote

Hopefully now you have at least a few products that you want to promote. The question is, how do you find the affiliate programs of the products that you want to promote?
It’s usually very simple to find the affiliate program of the product you want to promote. First, go to the product that you want to promote. Then, go to the bottom of the page. Is there something that says “Become an Affiliate” or “Affiliate Program” or even “Affiliates”? If so, click on it. Usually here is where you can sign up to or log into their affiliate program.
They’ll also tell you a lot more information on this page. You’ll learn how much you’ll get when you sell their products. You’ll also find out where the affiliate program is being held. You might get other helpful information as well. Most importantly, you should get a link to bring you to where you can sign up.
Go sign up, and give them as much information as you can to be helpful. If they give you a place to type some information in, make sure that you tell them what your plans are if you don’t already have a lot of traffic. This should help you get approved even though you can’t get them the numbers yet. If they know you’re serious, they’ll often give you a chance.
Unfortunately, not every affiliate program makes it that easy. Sometimes, you can’t find a link on their website. The next thing is to go to Google or your favorite search engine. Type in the name of the product, along with “affiliate program.” Often that will be enough to get you to the right place.
If you can’t find an affiliate program, and you really want to promote a product and/or company, there is another way.
You can try emailing the company themselves. Often, they’ll get back to you and tell you whether they have an affiliate program or not, and where you can sign up. Many companies have affiliate programs, so don’t give up too easily.
Once you are approved for an affiliate program, you can get your link and start promoting!

Day 3: Write Blog Posts to Promote Your Affiliate Product

Now that you’ve decided what you want to promote, and have gotten your link, it’s time to promote! One of the first things you should do is write a blog post about the affiliate product. It should go into detail about the product.

There are many things that you should make sure that you include when you write a blog post about a product. This way you’ll answer someone’s questions, even if they didn’t ask yet. It should give them enough information that they’ll know whether the product is for them or not, and if they should buy it or not. Here is what you should include in your blog posts:

Who Should Buy the Product?

When you’re talking about a product, the first thing people want to know is who the product is for. Is it for anyone? Is it for a beginner in that niche? Is it for someone who wants the best of the best? You get the point. The first thing people want to know is if the product is for them or not. If they’re just starting out in the niche and it’s an advanced product, they’re not going to be interested. But if they know it’s a product for beginners, they will want to read on. Letting people know who the product is for is very helpful right off the bat.

Why Should They Buy the Product?

The next thing you’ll want to talk about, is why someone would want to buy the product. What are the benefits to them? Will it help them become a better swimmer? Will it help them make more money online? Will it help them become the artist they’ve always wanted to be? People want to know how the product will help them, so make sure you tell them how it can benefit them.

What’s Good About the Product?

Now they know if the product is for them or not, and how it will benefit them. Next, they’ll want to know what’s good about the product. Is it good because it makes it copy-and-paste simple for them to grow their business? Is it good because it’ll save them time when doing (or learning) something they need to know? They’re going to want to know why you think they should buy it.

What’s Bad About the Product?

Nothing is perfect. We all know that. Before someone buys a product, they are going to want to know what the bad things are about the product. Are there any negatives? It doesn’t even have to be something really bad. It can be that the product isn’t for beginners, or the product isn’t for someone who wants to do everything themselves. It can be that the product only comes in blue so if you don’t like blue you won’t want to buy it. As long as you’re giving all sides of the product, you’re good. Plus, something that might be a negative in your mind might not be a negative in someone else’s.

What Does the Product Include?

Once you’ve talked about the product, and the benefits of it, make sure you talk about exactly what the product includes. Now obviously this depends on the product. If it’s a soccer ball, you’re not going to need to talk about what it includes. Other products, you’ll want to describe what comes with it. If it’s a course, exactly what comes with it? If it’s a laptop, make sure you’re giving all of the details of what it comes with. You want to make sure the person knows everything that they’re getting.

One final thing you need in every post: your affiliate link! If you don’t have your affiliate link that sends them to the product, you won’t make any money at all. This link will let the company know that you sent the person to the product and that they bought it. You’ll then get paid a commission.

When you’re promoting a product, you want to make sure to give your audience as much information as they need to know whether the product is for them or not. Remember, your goal is to help them decide if they should buy the product or not. You don’t want everyone to buy the product of course, because it won’t be for everyone. But you want to help the right people figure out that they want to buy the product. Then everyone will be happy. Them, because they got a product that they’ll like, and you because you’ll have made a commission on it!


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