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Why Having My Own Online Business Means so Much to Me (and Why I Want to Help You!)


Less than an hour ago, I was in my car. I was on a local road, driving to Stop & Shop to get some Tandoori Chicken Nuggets that aren’t available at the grocery stores I normally go to.

It’s nice and sunny out, 87 degrees, and there aren’t that many cars on the road.

As I’m driving, I’m blasting the radio, singing along when it’s something I like, and flipping to another station when it isn’t.

As I’m driving, I’m thinking…THIS is the life.

It’s a little after 2pm on Wednesday afternoon. Most people are at work, stuck in an office until 5 or 6pm tonight.

Me? I can take a break whenever I want and go out.

The feeling I had at that moment was just SO incredible, that I had to share it.

Having your own business (especially online) lets you set your own schedule. You decide when to work, you decide when to take off.

It lets you decide what to work on. You want to use social media to get traffic? No problem. You want to use emails instead? Not an issue.

It lets you decide what’s important. You don’t have to do something because your boss tells you to. If you think something is dumb, don’t do it in your business. If you think it’s a great idea, do it. It’s as simple as that.

But most of all?

It gives you a feeling of FREEDOM.

Everything is up to you. Since you make the decisions, when you’re working…it’s because you want to, and you’re working on what you want to (at least most of the time.)

It’s such an awesome feeling, and I want to help other people be able to feel the same way!

Of course not everyone wants to be able to go to the grocery store in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon…but if you want to be able to stay at home and watch your children, or go play a round of golf in the middle of the day, or go to the mall while it’s not crowded…all of these things are possible!

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