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What Tools Do You Get with Affkit?


It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, have your own products, promote CPA products, or do anything else online.

If you’re looking to make more money online, what’s most important is your conversion rate.

If you’re getting people to where you want them to go (your website, your social media accounts, your email, it doesn’t matter…) it doesn’t help you at all unless they convert and do what you want them to do, which is either buy something or get on your list.

So you want to do anything that you can in order to make your conversions better.

Affkit can help you with this. There are over 19 tools that you can use to get people to sign up for your list, buy something, etc…

I thought you might be interested in hearing more about the tools, so I wanted to share a bit about some of them today to share how they can help you.

  • Image Finder – Let’s face it. Images help people stay on your site longer. People like pretty pictures! But it can be hard to find images that you can use for free. This tool will help you search through multiple free image directories at once to get great images.
  • Glossy Image – Once you find a great picture, this will apply a glossy effect to a button or image to help improve your conversion rate.
  • Mobile Detection – This will automatically detect mobile devices and tablets so that your pages look perfect on them without any extra work.
  • Mobile Vibration – You can vibrate your visitors phones when they land on your page, in order to get their attention. It’s proven to lead to higher conversions.
  • Geo Location – Call out visitors based on their location for an instant conversion boost.
  • Urgency Timer – This tool is fully customizable to increase your conversions immediately. You’ve seen these before. When people realize they only have a certain amount of time to do something, they’re more likely to do it now.
  • Exit Intent Popup – This collects leads that would have been forever lost. This can instantly double or triple your success.

…and there are many more!

You’ll get landing page tools, mobile tools, email tools, image tools, and calculator to help you get more conversions in multiple categories.

Take a look at the link below to see the tools in action and learn more about them.

You’ll get all of the tools for one low price – but be aware that the price is going up at 9pm EST tonight:

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