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100 Day Challenge – After 1 Month

Today is day 29, but I must admit that I only know that because of the email Gary Ryan Blair send this morning. I haven’t gone to the website in over a week now, so I am way behind on the videos. So on that part, I guess I’m not doing too well. But as […]

100 Day Challenge – 2 Weeks In

I’ve now completed 2 weeks of the 100 Day Challenge. What do I think so far? It’s definitely helping. I still think the best part about it was doing the orientation section, where you choose your goals for the 100 Day Challenge. Knowing what those are has made me get more done in the past […]

100 Day Challenge – 1 Week In

It’s the 8th day of the 100 Day Challenge. So why do I have a picture of day 7? I haven’t watched video 8 yet. I was hoping to this morning, but have been busy working on other things. I hope to watch it later tonight. How did the first week of the challenge go? […]