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If it Takes Less than 5 Minutes to Do – Just Do it Now (Tips to be More Productive – 22 of 30)

5 Minutes or Less - Do it Now!

When you’re creating your to do list for the next day (or for that day), if there is something that you need to get done that will take less than 5 minutes to do – just do it now.

Every time you switch to a new task, it takes time to start thinking about the new task. If something is quick and easy to do, just get it finished with. Otherwise you’re thinking about it while you make the list, you’ll think about it again every time you look at your list figuring out what you’ll do next, and you’ll have to think about it again when you finally do the task.

It would be quicker just to do the task and get it over with!

Plus, every additional thing on your mind is just something that weighs on you. The less on your mind, the better.

So you’re better off just doing the items that take only a few minutes. You’ll get them out of your way, and it’s something less to think about – plus it’s something you can cross off your list right then and there!

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