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Great Passive Way to Grow Your List

Post Gopher

I’m always looking to spend less time working and more time doing other things, so I love when I learn about something that is easy to set up, and will grow my list for me with things that I’m already doing.

Here’s a great example that I learned about just this morning.

It’s a plugin that you install on your WordPress blog, and takes literally 2 minutes to set up (seriously – there’s a demo on the sales page about ¾ of the way down, and it took him only 2 minutes to do it.)

It then makes it so that all of your blog posts are individually downloadable by PDF…but in order for them to get it, they need to first sign up to your list.

Have you ever been on a website and saw an article that you wanted to read – but not right now? So you leave the tab open…and then you either shut the computer down, or just forget about it…and never get to read the article.

I know this happens to me ALL of the time. I’ll see an article that looks really interesting, but either I just don’t have the time – or the interest – in reading it right now.

So if there was an option for me to download the PDF, I would do it so that I could read the article later when I was ready, even if it meant giving my email address.

Not only will you get the person on your list, but because they’ll get (and hopefully read) your blog post, they’ll then be a fan of yours, and want to read your emails and purchase either your products or products that you recommend.

I think the plugin is a really cool idea, and will passively bring you a bigger list, and more income.

Check out the demo below. You can even test out what it would look like on your site if you click on “Take it for a test drive now” right under the video where they show you how they installed it and set it up in just 2 minutes:

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