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Excited! Just Ordered The Conversion Code!

I’m really excited. I ordered “The Conversion Code” by Chris Smith off of Amazon, and can’t wait for it to arrive.

It’s all about capturing more leads, and closing more sales. I think that’s what my biggest problem is right now. While I’m great at blogging, making affiliate sales, and sending emails to my list, I’m not so great at selling my own products.

My guess is because it’s easier to promote someone else than yourself!

So I think that this book will really help.

You can look inside the book, and it gives all of the chapters, and that’s what really got me interested.

One of the sections of Chapter 1 talks about how content is NOT king if you’re trying to convert leads, which of course is very different than I’m used to.

There is also an entire chapter on writing the perfect blog post. I’ve been writing blog posts for many, MANY years now (Over a decade actually!) and I’d like to think I write them well, so it will be interesting to see what he considers a perfect blog post.

I’m also interested in the entire section on closing more sales, which includes 7 chapters, so I know it will have a lot of information.

I should have the book in my hands at some point tomorrow, so I hope to start reading it soon.

I’m really excited by it though, and hope I can put some of it into action before the month is out.

I’ll let you know once I finish reading “The Conversion Code”.


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