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Did You Watch The Profit Last Night? Hint: Russell Brunson was on it!

I’m not excited by that many TV shows, but one that I always make sure I watch is The Profit, on CNBC with Marcus Lemonis.

Every week, he takes a different company that isn’t doing well, and determines if he’s going to invest in it. If he does, he makes a lot of changes, making the company profitable.

I love watching it because it’s really interesting to see what he does to help companies that aren’t doing well in order to make them much better.

As an Internet Marketer, even though the businesses he’s helping are all businesses with physical products, it’s still helpful to watch the advice he gives them, as some of the advice can be used for online businesses as well.

Anyway…last night Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels was on it!

I was so shocked to see him. I’ve been following him and have purchased many of his products over the last ten years, but I guess I didn’t realize just how big he was outside of the Internet Marketing world!

It was really neat to see him on TV, and they even mentioned ClickFunnels a few times.

They even called him an Internet Marketer!

I bet a lot of people will be looking up ClickFunnels today.

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