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Get Organized (Tips to be More Relaxed – 31 of 31)

When you have a lot of things going on, and aren’t organized, you can be stressed. If you want to relax, sometimes all it takes is a few minutes or organizing. Have too much stuff on your desk, or wherever you’re working? Take just a few minutes and make that area neat. Even that will […]

Chew Gum (Tips to be More Relaxed – 30 of 31)

Chewing gum can help you relax, and focus more. It reduces anxiety, and can be helpful when you can’t get out of a stressful situation. If you’re stressed out, but can’t take time off or do any other tips to relax, chewing gum is an easy way to go about your day and still do […]

Drink Green Tea (Tips to be More Relaxed – 29 of 31)

Green tea has a natural chemical in it called theanine. It will help relax you. Other teas also have some theanine, just not as much as in green tea. On top of that, just the whole process of drinking tea will help you relax. If you choose a tea that you like, and enjoy the […]

Yoga (Tips to be More Relaxed – 28 of 31)

Try yoga in order to be less stressed. You don’t have to go to a yoga class or do complex poses, but even just trying a few of the poses will help you relax. Don’t know any yoga? Just go online and search for a few different poses to try. You might be able to […]

Count Down from 10 & Picture Yourself Relaxing (Tips to be More Relaxed – 27 of 31)

This is a great one to try when you’re really stressed out, and you can feel that your muscles are tense. Close your eyes, and start to count down from 10. As your counting, picture your muscles relaxing. Start with your feet. At 10, feel the tension leave your toes, and then the rest of […]

Laugh (Tips to be More Relaxed – 26 of 31)

It’s such a simple thing, and it can change your mood in just seconds. Laugh! If you’re stressed, find something to laugh about. Look online for some jokes, or call a friend and tell them you need to laugh. You can even go to YouTube and look for something to laugh at – it should […]

Stretch (Tips to be More Relaxed – 25 of 31)

When you’re stressed, your whole body tenses up. That’s why stretching, even just for a few minutes can really help you relax. As you stretch, your muscles will relax, and therefore you’ll be able to relax as well. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just stretch different muscles in your body, forcing it to […]

Color (Tips to be More Relaxed – 24 of 31)

I know this sounds like it’s for kids…but it isn’t. When you get stressed, take some time and color! There are coloring books for grown-ups, and they are a lot more fun than you would think. While you’re putting all of your concentration into coloring, your stress will melt away. Even though you won’t feel […]

Be Alone for 5 Minutes (Tips to be More Relaxed – 23 of 31)

When you get really stressed, sometimes all you need is to be alone for 5 minutes. While you’re alone, you can collect your thoughts, without anyone else telling you what to do or bothering you. All of the outside triggers will be gone (at least for a few minutes), and you can focus on yourself […]

Have Some Chocolate (Tips to be More Relaxed – 22 of 31)

This is a tip that you’re probably going to enjoy! When you get stressed, have a piece of chocolate. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which is used by the body to create serotonin, which relaxes you. On top of that, it contains phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins. This means that you’ll feel better after eating […]