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Business Management Bootcamp by (Want to see Your Name Here?)

Business Management Bootcamp

It’s another rainy, dreary day here – we’ve been having a lot of them lately it seems. At least it makes it easier to want to stay inside and get more done.

One way to take advantage of a day like this is to take some PLR and turn it into your own product!

It doesn’t take too much time, and you can end up having a product to sell with just a few minutes (or up to a few hours) worth of work, depending on how many changes you want to make.

The problem can be finding high quality content to buy. If you get something that’s really low quality, you’ll have to spend hours and hours making it into something you’d be proud to sell.

But if you use something that’s high quality, you can be done in just minutes.

That’s why I love CoachGlue’s products. Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold always have high quality products. In fact, I just downloaded this earlier this morning.

It’s called “Business Management Bootcamp”, and is an entire workshop with 4 training modules, 4 action plan worksheets and exercises, 4 program accelerator checklists, and 4 sets of PowerPoint slides.

You’ll also get a sales and marketing materials kit to help you sell the workshop and start collecting payments.

You’ll have 2 options once you’re there. First, you can get just the workshop. Right now it’s at a really big discount – but only until Monday, June 12th.

Or, you can do what I do. I am a member of their “All Access Lite” so each month I get a teach your tribe package, licensed coaching workshop, as well as a small workbook. It’s a great deal, and it gives me a ton of awesome content to use each month.

If you’re just interested in the one bootcamp, check below to see a sneak peak of exactly what you’ll get inside, and remember that the price is only at a discount until Monday.

If you’re interested in learning more about All Access Lite, you can find out more about ​​​​​​​that here too:

Check out the Business Management Bootcamp Now!


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