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Anything You Don’t Enjoy Doing (Things an Internet Marketer can Outsource – 30 of 30)

Anything You Don\'t Enjoy Doing

You spend a LOT of time on your business.

So why spend it doing things you don’t like to do?

If you don’t enjoy doing something, consider outsourcing it so that you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy doing, and are good at!

It will help your business more than you realize.

Look at it this way. If you absolutely HATE to write…you’ll most likely keep putting it off.

If you don’t get that book done, that’s a stream of income you’re missing out on!

So the longer it takes you, the longer it’ll take until you’re making more money.

But if you just outsource it, you’ll have it done in no time and can add that new source of revenue.

It works with anything really.

Don’t have a website because you hate doing anything “tech related” so you keep putting it off?

Well think of all of the people who would find you and buy from you if you had your own website.

So outsource it, while you’re working on the things that you’re good at and enjoy doing!

Before you know it, you’ll have a website and can make more money.

It might sound “wrong” to not do something because you don’t enjoy it, but if you’re procrastinating because you don’t want to do it, you’re hurting yourself in the long run. Sure, it’ll take some money to outsource it, but then you’ll have it done and can move on and make more money.

Most likely if you don’t enjoy doing it, you won’t do as good of a job even when you do it, as you just want to get it done.

On the other hand, if you outsource it, they’ll do a good job, and you’ll do better once whatever it is goes live.

So outsourcing things you don’t enjoy doing can actually help you make money!

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