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The Email Sequence that can Change Everything

List Breakthrough

I’m going to talk about something that means a lot to me today.

You keep hearing how “The Money is in the List”. I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over until you want to throw something at the next person who says it, especially if you’re not earning anything that way.

It’s easy to say…but in reality, most emails are junk, and don’t convert.

They don’t convert into sales, no matter the size of your list, how how many times you send the email.

There are many reasons why…but do you want to know one of them?

You need to be specific.

If you’re trying to target an audience, you need to be super specific. Will you end up alienating a few people that just don’t fit? Sure, but you’ll end up having a lot more people who will be very excited since you’re being highly specialized towards them.

This goes for any headlines you’re writing, emails, sales pages, and more. The more specific you are, the more certain people will be excited that your message is directly for them.

This is just one thing you need to know when you’re trying to earn with emails.

What’s another?

The right sequence.

If you want to learn how to really earn with email, you need to learn about the very special sequence I’m about to introduce you to.

I don’t want to sound hype-y, but writing emails this way can change your life.

It’s called “List Breakthrough”. It’s a deceptively simple formula you can use to write emails that convert like crazy.

I’m sure you’ve seen it in action, but I bet you haven’t caught on exactly how it all works…yet.

I want to give you the full story so you can have the same results.

Who is this for?

If you have an email list (even a small one), and you want to make more income from that list, this is for you.

Inside of Ben Adkins’ (Email Marketing Extraordinaire) “List Breakthrough”, you get:

  • The full 8 part List Breakthrough email sequence – Ben will walk you through the exact formula that will make a whole lot more with your email list. And YES, this works for any product, service, or promotion, and in every niche market.
  • The psychology inside List Breakthrough’s power – Ben shows you how to make your email marketing a predictable revenue stream so you can stop hoping for results. You’ll learn the right way to build your sequence for maximum results and the lowest friction with your subscribers.
  • The “oh crap tutorial” email template – Ben will show you exactly how to instantly capture subscriber attention so they’re engaged and attentive during the remaining emails, and the “shock loop” technique that triggers deep psychological needs in your subscribers.
  • “Problem in the flesh” email template – Ben will show you how to correctly leverage the attention you generated in your “oh crap tutorial” to get your subscribers to focus on the solution you’ll soon be selling, and the exact narrative you should use to draw subscribers into the world you want them to see.
  • “Solution next door” email template – Ben will show you how to execute the “double tease” technique that emphasizes your subscribers’ pain while promising relief (in the form of the upcoming offer) as well as the right way to “recap and remember” so every word you’ve written crystallizes into a “big picture” in your subscribers’ minds.
  • “Open cart stampede” email template – Ben will walk you through the delicate process of opening a sale so that you can maximize the amount of sales you make when your promo goes live. When you do this the first time, you’ll be shocked at how much more you sell right away.
  • “One more thing” email template – Ben will show you this “special touch” email that is the number one way to keep your promotion from falling flat. You’ll also learn the “buy the bonus” technique that consistently knocks people off the fence and converts them into buyers.
  • “Waterfall close” sequence – Ben will show you exactly how to close your promotion strong, with a carefully sequenced 3-part series that handles objections, and pushes your subscribers over the edge.

If you know that you’re so close, but using templates would help you get a little farther, and make your emails that much stronger, you need to check this out now.

What I love is that you’ll get all of the above for a really low price. He offers an “advanced” version too with even more templates, but you’ll still get all of the above for a lot less.

Check out List Breakthrough and start sending emails that convert!


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