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Stretch (Tips to be More Relaxed – 25 of 31)

When you’re stressed, your whole body tenses up. That’s why stretching, even just for a few minutes can really help you relax. As you stretch, your muscles will relax, and therefore you’ll be able to relax as well. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just stretch different muscles in your body, forcing it to […]

Color (Tips to be More Relaxed – 24 of 31)

I know this sounds like it’s for kids…but it isn’t. When you get stressed, take some time and color! There are coloring books for grown-ups, and they are a lot more fun than you would think. While you’re putting all of your concentration into coloring, your stress will melt away. Even though you won’t feel […]

Be Alone for 5 Minutes (Tips to be More Relaxed – 23 of 31)

When you get really stressed, sometimes all you need is to be alone for 5 minutes. While you’re alone, you can collect your thoughts, without anyone else telling you what to do or bothering you. All of the outside triggers will be gone (at least for a few minutes), and you can focus on yourself […]

Have Some Chocolate (Tips to be More Relaxed – 22 of 31)

This is a tip that you’re probably going to enjoy! When you get stressed, have a piece of chocolate. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which is used by the body to create serotonin, which relaxes you. On top of that, it contains phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins. This means that you’ll feel better after eating […]

Start Planning a Vacation (Tips to be More Relaxed – 21 of 31)

The next time you get stressed, take a few minutes and start planning your next vacation. You can start looking up different vacation destinations, hotels, fun things to do while you’re away…it doesn’t matter. Have fun with it – look up locations that you’d love to go to…things you’d enjoy doing with time off, etc… […]

Squeeze a Stress Ball (Tips to be More Relaxed – 19 of 31)

Sometimes, when you’re stressed you just need to get that stress out RIGHT NOW, by doing something physical. Punching something is probably not a good idea. But do you know what is? Using a stress ball. You can get out all of your stress, frustrations, and everything else out on that ball…and it will keep […]

Exercise (Tips to be More Relaxed – 11 of 31)

When you get stressed, one way to relax is to exercise. It doesn’t matter what type. Anything that gets you moving is good. Do you like to go for walks or jogs? Do that. Do you love to swim? Go to the pool. If you enjoy playing a sport, go do that. The goal is […]

Have a Set Routine (Tips to be More Relaxed – 9 of 31)

When you’re ready to relax, have a set routine. It will help tell your body (and mind) that it’s time to relax. For example, when you’re done with work, change from your work clothes to more comfortable clothes. Or when you’re done working, go for a walk. You can also do this before bedtime. If […]

31 Days to a More Relaxed You

I know it sounds counter intuitive, but if you want to get more work done, you need to relax more as well. When you’re relaxed, you can be more creative, you’re happier, you’ll get more done, and work is more fun! That’s why I’m all about being the Relaxed Marketer. You can still get a […]

Is Coloring the Answer to Stress? (Coloring Books are the New “In” De-Stressing Tool for Adults!)

I get stressed a lot. Even though my goal is to be relaxed, it takes a lot of work for me to relax. So when I walked into my local Barnes & Noble last month and saw a display of coloring books advertised to adults, I started to think. I remembered reading somewhere online that […]