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Remove Distractions (Tips to be More Productive – 25 of 30)

Remove Distractions

Every time you get distracted, it takes you away from an important task.

Even when you’re ready to go back to what you were doing, it’ll take extra time to get back into “work mode”, and you’ll have to figure out exactly where you were when you got distracted.

So when you’re working, remove as many distractions as you can.

Turn off your phone, or go into a room without a phone.

Ask anyone in the house to stay out of your office when the door is closed unless it’s an emergency.

Tell people that you’re working certain hours so they won’t bother you.

In other words, do anything you can to remove or minimize distractions while you’re working.

You’ll get a lot more done, and it will take a lot less time to do it!

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