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Pay for 1 and get 100 Stock Video Clips!

Amazing Stock Video Firesale

Marketing experts Eric Holmlund and Paul Counts recently teamed up with videographer Leon Kolenda to create an amazing stock video firesale unlike anything this industry has seen before.

The best part of the deal is that they’re only charging a mere fraction of what the major stock footage sites are charging for the same quality clips!

One site that they show you in this video even charges $170 for one single clip. They are offering you 100 clips for WAY less than the normal price of one.

If you’re wondering what you could do with these clips, you can use stock footage for all sorts of things, and since these days more and more people are consuming things by video, it’s sure to come in handy.

Here are a few of the ways you can use these clips:

  • Create motivational videos for any niche market.
  • Use them in sales videos.
  • Use them for green screen videos.
  • Create .gif images for viral marketing out of the videos.
  • Use as the background for Web 3.0 squeeze pages.
  • Use as backgrounds for product review videos.
  • Sell the clips to people interested in acquiring stock footage.

There are endless possibilities with this package, but the time is not because this deal ends soon!

Oh, and you might not notice it on the sales page, but if you enter in code 3off, you’ll save an additional $3 off the already low price!

Take a look at some examples of the videos you’ll actually get:

Check Out the Stock Video Firesale Now!

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