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My New Favorite Plugin! (It Makes Posts Look Really Nice!)

Snazzy Press Plugin

I just started using this plugin a week ago, but it’s already one of my favorites.

Actually, just to give you a bit of a backstory: A few years ago, I was using an older version of this plugin and loved it, but it stopped working. This new version can’t break all my past posts, so it’s already a step up from the last one!

Why can’t it stop working? Well, the way the old plugin worked, was that it used short codes. So instead of setting up classes with the actual code for “put a blue check mark”, it would put something like [blue check mark] content [/blue check mark].

So when the plugin stopped working, everywhere I had a blue check mark is now back to a regular list. But with this plugin, it inserts the actual code, so even if I disabled the plugin or the plugin stopped working, the posts I already wrote would still be great! So I’m happy about that.

It makes it REALLY easy to make your posts look good. Here are just a few of the ways:

  • You can make your lists look nice. You can choose the color and icon, like I’m doing here.
  • You can add buttons if you want to have someone click to buy a product, or go to another page.
  • You can add a feature box, which will get someone’s attention to a specific part of the page.
  • You can have a progress bar if you want to show how far someone is into filling something out.
  • Like I mentioned above, it inserts the actual code in when you add something. So even if the plugin stops working or you disable it, the posts you created will still work as you intended!
  • …and more.

And here is an example of a button. If you’re interested in learning more about the Snazzy Press Plugin, click on it and you’ll be taken to their site. It took me about 3 seconds to make…and looks a lot nicer than a regular link, don’t you think?

Get the Snazzy Press Plugin Now!


P.S. Here’s one great way to use the feature box. Put it at the end of your post and people will click on it!

If you want to make your posts look better, start using Snazzy Press. This plugin is awesome and it will take you only seconds to set up, but will help your website look great!

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