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Make More Money Plus Make the World a Better Place at the Same Time

Hi! Last week I was telling you about Yanik Silver and how he wants to help you make a difference in the world with your business.

He recently updated his book Evolved Enterprise, and is showing people how they can make more with their business by doing good things in the world.

If you loved the idea, but didn’t really want to spend much money, I think you’ll like what I have to say. This week, you can get the book digitally for just $0.99!

Yes, for less than a dollar you can learn how to make the world a better place and earn more yourself at the same time:

Get Evolved Enterprise at Amazon Now!

If you’re still interested in getting the whole book, plus a bunch of other stuff, here’s the link again for that too:

Get the autographed Evolved Enterprise and other goodies!

If you want to create a company that matters, you need to take a look at this book one way or another.

So if you want the physical book (which is autographed) along with the other goodies, great…and if you want to spend less than a dollar, you’ll still get the awesome book!


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