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I Just Started Using this New Plugin to Get More Opt-ins

Notification Bar Plugin

I purchased the WP Notification Bar plugin last week, and so far have installed it on 2 of my websites. This is one of them (look at the top of the screen.)

I loved the idea of having another easy way to get someone to opt-in to my site. Let’s face it…almost every website has an opt-in box on the sidebar, so people can become accustomed to ignoring them. The fact that this notification bar is on the top of every screen makes it more likely to be noticed.

I also love that it can be used for other things. Sure, you can have it to grow your list, but if your goal is to send someone to a specific post, you can do that too. There is even a timer that you can use if you want to count down something that has happening on the page. There are a few other options as well, so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of the plugin.

I love that it’s one price for all your websites. I have quite a few, and am glad I can use it on them all.

It was REALLY easy to set up. It took me only a few minutes, and that’s only because it took me a few minutes to decide on a background color that I liked.

If you’re worried about the bar showing up on all of your pages, don’t be. You can tell it exactly what pages/posts you want it on or not.

I have it set up to show on all of my posts, including my main page…but it won’t show on any pages. You can set it up exactly how you’d like, down to the specific post or page if you’d like. So it’s really versatile.

Besides setting up the main notification bar (for me, the opt-in bar), I can easily see using this to show a timer when there is a special deal being referenced in a post – whether it is one of my products or for an affiliate product. It only takes a short time to set up, but can really get the attention of someone on the page.

Right now it’s under $30, but I don’t know when the sale will be over…so go take a look and see how it can help your website!

Check Out the WP Notification Bar Plugin Now!

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