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How to Make More Passive Income (So New, it’s Not Even Out Yet!)


You may have realized this by now, but I think very highly of Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold from CoachGlue. They are both really smart and do really well with their businesses.

They’re almost done creating a new course that I think you’re going to love. In fact, it’s so new that there’s no salesletter for it yet, and that’s why you’re about to get a great deal.

They often talk about the importance of passive income, but what you may not realize is the importance of having MULTIPLE streams of income.

They’re not just talking about any streams of income. In fact, they’re talking about one of my favorite: affiliate marketing. They also do affiliate marketing ethically and transparently with integrity and love. Like me, affiliate marketing to them is simply telling your audience about the things you think are awesome. These might be tools, courses, and resources that you would tell them about without being paid because they rock – but you do get paid for it!

So, what they decided to do was record some new training videos that will show you 10 Quick + Easy Ways to Add Multiple Streams to Your Business in the next few days. They will be releasing it next Thursday, November 9th.

In the meantime, they’ve decided to offer this course at a pre-launch price of only $27 – by using the code below. They don’t even have a sales page up yet! But if you like saving money, here’s the link.

IMPORTANT: Enter code: 70
You’ll save $70 off the price because they don’t even have a sales page yet! (Pay just $27!)
Expires: November 9th at midnight.

Questions you may have:

Q: What exactly am I getting?

A: On November 9th, you’ll receive 10 videos (They are dividing up the training so some videos will be taught by each of them.) Each video will explain one way to incorporate affiliate marketing effortlessly into your business to earn more on an ongoing basis.

Q: What if I’m not a coach?

A: While a few ideas will be specific to coaches, the majority of the training is just solid for any online presence. If you’re an expert, speaker, author, blogger, or virtual assistant, you’ll be able to apply the info quickly and easily.

Q: How long will I have access to this? I’m busy right now but want to save money on the training for when I can go through it later.

A:You will have access ongoing. We do not guarantee lifetime access, but you will have access to the training for at least a year. The videos will be short and easy to consume. That said, please watch the videos asap so you can apply and benefit from them! Why make money from these ideas a year from now when you can start now?

Q: What if I’m in an unusual niche?

A: Honestly, this would be a reason not to buy the course. If you’re in a niche that really has no competition like teaching fish to yodel, then that may be a tough one to work with. But we hope you’re in a money-making niche regardless of whether or not you sign up for this course. 🙂  And if you are, then you should get this course.

Q: I’m a member of the VIP All Access Yearly Club. Should I get this?

A: If you’re a VIP All Access Yearly Member, you do not need to buy this. The training will be added to your account automatically on November 9th! 🙂

Q: Is this “Done for you” Content?
A: No. This course is special training for you to use and apply in your own business. It can not be resold, republished anywhere, or shared with your clients. However, you may have your Virtual Assistant watch the videos to help you implement the materials.

Click Here If You Want to Easily Add Multiple Income Streams into your Business!

IMPORTANT: Enter code: 70
You’ll save $70 off the price because they don’t even have a sales page yet!
Expires: November 9th at midnight.


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