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How to Earn More Money on Amazon Prime Day – Even with No List!

Amazon Prime Day 2017

Hi! I’m sure you know that today is Amazon Prime day. Even if you didn’t want to know, I’m sure you do because of all of the attention it has gotten not only because of all of the advertising they did, but now other companies are trying to compete and are holding their own sales because of it.

So how can you earn more today because of it?

First, know that it doesn’t matter what your niche is. Amazon sells everything, and even if something in your niche isn’t included (which it probably is), it’s still nice to tell people about other things they can buy at a discount today.

Second, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a list. Sure it will help, but there are options that you don’t need to have a list.

Here are a few things you can do right now:

  • Go on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever your favorite social media site is. Post about one of the deals that you found that you like and think is a great deal. Make sure you find some good hashtags too, including ones that mention Amazon Prime Day.
  • Post on your blog. Make sure you mention specific deals and what you like and don’t like about them. People will be searching for deals and will be searching for reviews about them. Give them what they want.
  • Email your list if you do have one. Show them what is in your niche, but also mention other things they might like.

Think it’s too late? Nope, people will be shopping all day and evening, so until it ends at 3am, so it’s not too late.

Here’s one last tip…not sure what to promote?  Promote the fact that you can get a free trial of Amazon Prime today.

…and just in case you haven’t shopped yet, here’s my affiliate link to Amazon Prime Day. I’ve already purchased a few things, and will probably get a few more before the sale is over.


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