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Do you Wish you had a Recurring Revenue Stream?

Snap On Subscriptions

I’m sure you’ve heard that having a recurring revenue stream is the way to go. You get people into your membership site once, and then you keep getting paid month after month!

The problem?

It can be confusing with all of the different complicated software out there, exactly what you should put into a membership site, and more.

I know that’s a problem I’ve been having. I’ve had a basic idea for a few months now, but it’s difficult to figure out exactly what should go into the site to make it so that people will be interested!

Well, if the idea of monthly recurring income sounds great to you like it does to me, you’re going to love what Ben Adkins just released. It’s called Snap On Subscriptions, and it tells you everything you need to know, such as:

  • An uncensored look at a 100k generating subscription program
  • The 10,000 ft. Snap on subscription overview
  • Why you don’t need membership site software (This one made me happy!)
  • How to build a subscription on the “psychology of collecting”
  • The exact audiences that you should sell to
  • The type of content that gets subscribers (and keeps them)
  • How to create the special content that makes it work
  • A full overview of how to create the pages that power it
  • A full overview of how to power it all with an autoresponder and cart
  • His subscription secrets for making more income fast
  • …and more

Now through Thursday night, you can get it all for just $19.99.

If you want to see recurring revenue month after month…check this out:

Get Snap On Subscriptions Now!


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