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All in One Social Media Marketing Tool!

I love anything that makes it easier and quicker for me to get work done.This morning I heard about Bleupage Pro, which is the first 8-in-1 social media management tool. It manages all of your social media accounts in one spot. We’re talking about Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and WordPress. Within Bleupage […]

Covert Messenger – Great Way to Get Their Attention!

I’m sure you know that blogging is a great way to get targeted traffic. The search engines (and Google especially) love WordPress blogs! But what happens after they come to your site? These days, a lot of people are ad blind and won’t even notice the ads you’ve put on your site. So how do […]

Video Pal – Use Tiny Videos to Get People to Stay on Your Site Longer!

I’m all for being different. Sometimes, it feels like a lot of websites look the same. If you really want to stand out and get people to stay on your website (or more importantly, do what you want them to do, whether it’s buy something, give you their email address, or more…) you need to […]

Want to get Instagram Followers While you Sleep?

I love how there are often cool coincidences in life. I was planning on spending some time this morning on growing my Instagram following. I keep hearing about how people on Instagram are even more engaged than on Facebook, and that it’s a great way to grow your following (and earn more.) Well, while I […]

I Just Started Using this New Plugin to Get More Opt-ins

I purchased the WP Notification Bar plugin last week, and so far have installed it on 2 of my websites. This is one of them (look at the top of the screen.) I loved the idea of having another easy way to get someone to opt-in to my site. Let’s face it…almost every website has […]