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Be Alone for 5 Minutes (Tips to be More Relaxed – 23 of 31)

When you get really stressed, sometimes all you need is to be alone for 5 minutes. While you’re alone, you can collect your thoughts, without anyone else telling you what to do or bothering you. All of the outside triggers will be gone (at least for a few minutes), and you can focus on yourself […]

Have Some Chocolate (Tips to be More Relaxed – 22 of 31)

This is a tip that you’re probably going to enjoy! When you get stressed, have a piece of chocolate. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which is used by the body to create serotonin, which relaxes you. On top of that, it contains phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins. This means that you’ll feel better after eating […]

Start Planning a Vacation (Tips to be More Relaxed – 21 of 31)

The next time you get stressed, take a few minutes and start planning your next vacation. You can start looking up different vacation destinations, hotels, fun things to do while you’re away…it doesn’t matter. Have fun with it – look up locations that you’d love to go to…things you’d enjoy doing with time off, etc… […]

Write Down Things You’re Grateful For (Tips to be More Relaxed – 20 of 31)

Sometimes, when you get too stressed, you get bogged down in all of the things you have to do. You also start thinking of all of the bad things…things that aren’t going your way, or how you’re not getting enough done, etc… So taking just a few minutes to write down what you’re grateful for […]

Squeeze a Stress Ball (Tips to be More Relaxed – 19 of 31)

Sometimes, when you’re stressed you just need to get that stress out RIGHT NOW, by doing something physical. Punching something is probably not a good idea. But do you know what is? Using a stress ball. You can get out all of your stress, frustrations, and everything else out on that ball…and it will keep […]

Take a Warm Bath (Tips to be More Relaxed – 18 of 31)

Stressed? Take a nice, relaxing, warm bath. The hot water will relax your muscles. Spending some time alone, in a bathtub, not thinking about anything will help relax your mind. There are many ways to make it even more relaxing. Turn the lights down low – or use candles. Maybe put a relaxing scent like […]

Get a Hug (Tips to be More Relaxed – 17 of 31)

Need to relax? Get a hug. It doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, child, friend, etc… If you hug, the hormone oxytocin will be released, and you’ll start to feel more relaxed. So the next time you feel stressed, go get a great big hug. You’ll both feel better! If you’d like to see […]

Be in the Moment (Tips to be More Relaxed – 16 of 31)

This isn’t easy to do, but one way to reduce stress and to be more relaxed is to be in the moment. Don’t think about things that already happened. Don’t think the future. Don’t worry about what you need to get done later today, or what you forgot to do yesterday. Just think about what […]

Spend Time with a Friend (Tips to be More Relaxed – 15 of 31)

I’m sure this one is a given, but when you’re stressed…spend time with a friend. It’s better if you can hang out in person, but even talking on the phone will help. I’m sure every time you spend time with friends, you feel a lot better and less stressed. So why not do it more […]

Watch Kittens on YouTube (Tips to be More Relaxed – 14 of 31)

You know your friend that’s always sending you cute/funny videos of animals doing silly things on YouTube? It turns out they’re onto something! Watching those cute and funny videos can help you relax. So whether you want to watch kittens being cute with each other, or dogs and cats fighting, or little kids getting into […]