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Track Your Time for a Few Days (Tips to be More Productive – 20 of 30)

If you feel like you’re busy all day, but you never seem to accomplish what you want to, try tracking your time for a few days. This means that you need to keep a piece of paper and pen right next to you (or an open notepad on your computer), and write down everything you […]

Reward Yourself for Finishing a Task (Tips to be More Productive – 19 of 30)

Sometimes, rewarding yourself for finishing a task can help you get it done faster. Especially if you really want the reward. Say you’re hungry, and were eyeing some cookies. Instead of having the snack now, tell yourself that when you finish the task you’re working on, you can have them. I guarantee you won’t procrastinate. […]

Play Music or White Noise to Focus Better (Tips to be More Productive – 18 of 30)

If you get easily distracted, listening to some music (something quiet – maybe classical or other instrumental music) or even listening to white noise may help you focus better. This can be extremely helpful when you’re working somewhere that you can hear other things going on nearby. It’s up to you whether you want to […]

Do Your Brainstorming at 2pm (Tips to be More Productive – 17 of 30)

Usually, a little while after lunch, you get tired. This usually seems to happen around 2pm. It’s often really difficult to get anything done during this time, as all you want to do is take a nap. The good news is there is a way you can be productive during this “slump”. This is actually […]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Tips to be More Productive – 16 of 30)

You might think that spending your hours working instead of sleeping is smarter. But it’s the exact opposite. When you don’t get enough sleep, you have a lot of side effects that will interrupt your work. You’ll have a harder time focusing. You’ll have a harder time concentrating. It’ll take you longer to get your […]

Let People Know When You Aren’t Available (Tips to be More Productive – 15 of 30)

This tip might sound obvious…but I bet there is a good chance you don’t do it. When you’re working, let people know that you’re busy and can’t be interrupted. For some reason, people think just because you’re not in an office building working for someone else, that you can be available to them 24/7. So […]

Work Less (Tips to be More Productive – 14 of 30)

I realize this is going to sound counter productive. But if you’re one of those people that feels like they need to be always working, this tip is for you. If you find that you’re working days, nights, weekends, etc…, you’ll find that you’ll get more done if you work less. Really! When you’re “always […]

Set Time Blocks (Tips to be More Productive – 13 of 30)

One way to get more done is to set specific times to do work. If you have 8 hours to do something, it will often take you a long time to do it. If on the other hand, you set aside 45 minutes for a task, you’ll more likely get it done in that time […]

Drink More Water (Tips to be More Productive – 12 of 30)

Most people don’t drink enough water each day. When you don’t get enough water, even if you’re only a little bit dehydrated, you’ll have less energy. You might feel lethargic, and you won’t want to do anything. In other words, if you don’t have a lot of energy, you aren’t going to be productive. Make […]

Stay Away from Email (and Facebook!) (Tips to be More Productive – 11 of 30)

If you want to be more productive, stay way from your email, as well as other time sucking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever site you spend your time on. Now of course you can check them, but set a time (preferably AFTER you finish your work) to go and check them. If you […]