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Get Russell Brunson’s Latest Book for Free!

I’m really excited. Russell Brunson has a new book out. It’s called “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People who Will Pay for Your Advice” What’s really cool is that he’s giving the book away. All you need to do is pay for shipping. There’s no trial you’ll have to […]

Make More Money Plus Make the World a Better Place at the Same Time

Hi! Last week I was telling you about Yanik Silver and how he wants to help you make a difference in the world with your business. He recently updated his book Evolved Enterprise, and is showing people how they can make more with their business by doing good things in the world. If you loved […]

Get Your Free Mini Book Now: Simple 5 Step Formula Reveals All!

There is one traffic source that beats all others. It contains more hungry buyers than any other source… It’s more reliable than any other source… You can market to it again and again, without spending a single dime… What is it? Email marketing. It’s great to know that email marketing is big…and know that you […]

Just Got “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” Book

I just got “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” from the library. My library is the perfect distance away to walk to. There and back is a nice 1-mile walk, which ends up taking about 20 minutes. So when the weather is nice, I love to walk there and see what I can find. […]

Excited! Just Ordered The Conversion Code!

I’m really excited. I ordered “The Conversion Code” by Chris Smith off of Amazon, and can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s all about capturing more leads, and closing more sales. I think that’s what my biggest problem is right now. While I’m great at blogging, making affiliate sales, and sending emails to my list, […]

Is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription Worth it for Your Business?

I’m just finishing up my first year as a member of Kindle Unlimited. Recently I’ve mentioned that to a few people, and the first thing they ask me is, “Is it worth it?” I can only answer that for me personally, but I thought I’d tell you some things that I’ve learned over the past […]