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Case Study: 12K in 5 Days as an Affiliate?

5 Days to 12K

I enjoy looking into affiliate products, choosing which ones to promote, and then promoting them. But I have to say, there have only been a few times that I’ve been high up on a leaderboard. Do you ever wonder what it takes to be one of those people that gets a prize on top of commission?

Recently, David Perdew won a sales contest in a major software launch that included a $3,000 first place prize. In addition, he did about $9,000 in affiliate commissions.

This was in just 5 days.

Wouldn’t you like to know how he did it?

David documented the entire process, step-by-step, end-to-end, and put it into a 40 page case study called 5 days to 12K.

And then he made it really crazy by offering it for less than $10.

I know David (I’ve met him at a few NAMS events in Georgia), and he provides great value. But this is ridiculous even by his standards.

The marketing lessons in this case study are amazing, whether you are interested in winning any contests or not.

Here is just some of what you’ll discover in this case study:

  • The basic reason he tells his community NOT to buy a product, and how that results in even more sales.
  • The 5 essential criteria he uses for determining whether to promote products to his community.
  • How to get the highest conversions on the leaderboard even if you have a smaller list, and why that’s important…
  • Why specific affiliate marketing fundamental strategies are so important.
  • …and more.

This is an actual experience in an easy to follow format that you can replicate.

See for yourself below.

You’ll love this 40-page report. But hurry, or you’ll miss it.

The price goes up with every sale, so you want to jump in now!


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