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Anything You’re Not Good At (Things an Internet Marketer can Outsource – 29 of 30)

Anything You\'re Not Good At

All month I’ve been listing specific things that you can outsource.

But you should look at it this way.

If you’re not good at something, outsource it to someone who is better than you!

Are you great at coming up with ideas for posts, but not good at writing them? Outsource that.

Are you great at saying a post out loud, but horrible at getting it down on paper? Send them the recording, and outsource that.

Are you horrible at anything tech related? Outsource that.

It doesn’t matter what it is. If you’re not good at it, find someone else who is! Play to your strengths. Do what you’re good at, and hire someone else to do the rest.

You’ll find that things work a lot better this way, and you get more done and are more successful.

No one can do it all, so why bother, especially if it’s something you already know you’re not good at?

Outsource your weaknesses, and you’ll be stronger overall!

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