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100 Day Challenge – After 1 Month

100 Day Challenge

Today is day 29, but I must admit that I only know that because of the email Gary Ryan Blair send this morning.

I haven’t gone to the website in over a week now, so I am way behind on the videos.

So on that part, I guess I’m not doing too well.

But as far as what the actual challenge is about, I think I’m doing really well.

I am getting closer to my goals every day, and feel like I am getting a lot more done than I used to.

Should I be watching the videos? Absolutely.

Will I? Eventually.

I do want to catch up on them, as I know I’m missing out on some very helpful stuff, but at the moment getting the stuff done on my to-do list is way more important to me.

Hopefully in another few weeks, I’ll be able to take some time and watch the videos.

So at the moment, while I’m not following the challenge 100%, I am still working on all of my goals and think that I will get there!

Next week, I’ll give you another update.

In the meantime, if you want to join Gary Ryan Blair the next time he opens up the 100 Day Challenge, here’s the link.

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