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I Think This Daily Planner Might be What I’ve Been Looking For!

On Friday, I came across something that I think will really with my productivity.

Let me preface this by what I’ve been doing up until now.  I’ve been using the InnerGuide Planner for a few years now, and really love it.

It helps me plan out my weeks, my months, and keeps track of my blog posts for multiple blogs.

But it was really lacking in one thing.

I keep reading that you should have a number of “must do’s” each day, and you should do those things first before you did anything else.

There really wasn’t room for a daily list of “must do’s” in the planner.

So when I was shopping on Zulily on Friday, I was shocked to see a daily tear-off planner that looks like what I wanted, and MORE! (The Zulily deal already ended, but you can get the exact same price on Amazon if you either have PRIME or spend enough for free shipping.)

It’s the Bloom Daily Planner Planning System To-Do List. It’s a tear off sheet planner, which I think is great as you can keep it near you during the day, and then put it aside or in your planner afterwards (if you use another planner) or discard it at the end of the day.   Sometimes it’s annoying to keep the whole planner near me all day, so I like that this is just 1 piece of paper!

On each sheet, you have the following sections:

  • Must do today
  • Other to-do’s
  • Important times
  • To buy
  • Today I’m grateful for
  • Meals
  • 8 glasses a day
  • Exercise

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this, and how excited I am to start using it once it gets delivered.

First off, everything I’ve read about productivity says that you should have a short list of things that you HAVE to do each day, and you should do those first before anything else. So that goes in the “Must do today” section. Awesome.

I love that there is a lot of space for other things I want to get done as well, and they can be both work related as well as anything else I want to add.

I like that there is an “Important times” section because once in a while I have scheduled phone calls, appointments, etc… and planners that have times usually only have work hours! This is great since you can put in whatever times you want.

I absolutely love that there is a “Today I’m grateful for” section, as I’ve read a lot about people who are grateful are a lot happier.

The food and drink section is awesome to make sure you’re not eating too much, and that you’re drinking enough. Can’t argue with that! I’m pretty bad at keeping a food diary, but this might just work.

That empty “Exercise” box will hopefully annoy me enough to do something about it and force me to exercise!

The “To buy” section is helpful as well, as I can keep track of groceries or other things I need to buy the next time I’m out.

I like that it has everything I want, and is still pretty small so I can keep it with me and hopefully get everything done that I want to.

I’ll update this post once the Bloom Tear-Off Planner is delivered and I start using it. But so far I think I’m going to love it!


Get Paid to Create Your Product (with PLR!)

Get Paid to Create Info Products

It can be difficult to create an info-product.

First of all, it can take a lot of time to figure out exactly what type of product you want to create.

Then you have to actually create it!

That can take days, weeks, or even months.

Then you try to sell it.

But what if no one wants it?

Then you just spent ALL of that time and effort for nothing!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can create the product only after you find out you have enough interest in it.

In fact, you can GET PAID to create the actual product!

And DIYPLR’s latest package, will show you how to do just that.

You’ll get the “Get Paid to Create Your Info Product” PLR Report, editable cover graphics, and a bonus detailed checklist.

And since it’s PLR, not only can you learn from the information yourself, but you can make any changes that you want, and sell it as your own!

I’m sure you can see how helpful this can be to a lot of people!

Now through August 30th, you can use code INFO to get 50% off. And let me tell you, the price was already good, so getting 50% off makes it an incredible deal.

Check it out before the 50% off goes away!

Get the “Get Paid to Create Your Info Product” PLR Report Now!

New PLR: Breathe – How to Stay Calm, Confident and Collected in Even the Most Stressful Situations

Breathe PLR Package

Do you know anyone who is stressed?

Of course you do. Let’s face it. These days, almost everyone is stressed.

That’s why this new PLR course, called “Breathe: How to Stay Calm, Confident and Collected in Even the Most Stressful Situations” is good for almost anyone.

Who wouldn’t want to know how to breathe right and be less stressed? We are all stressed and want to manage it better.

Since this is PLR, you’ll be able to do almost whatever you want with it. You can make any changes you want, and sell it as your own. People will be so happy when you can help them manage their stress!

Here’s what you get:

  • Module 1: Breath! A high quality ebook that’s over 70 pages long
  • Module 2: Printable Checklist
  • Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
  • Module 4: Mindmap
  • Module 5: Ready-Made Sales letter & Thank You Pages
  • Module 6: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Pages
  • Module 7: High-Quality Professional Graphics
  • Module 8: 10 Quality Articles
  • Module 9: Promotional Email Swipes
  • Module 10: Social Media Viral Images Pack

At the link below, you can see some examples of pages included, so you know exactly what you’ll get!

Think of what you can do with all of that content – and it’s all yours to do with as you want!

Here are just a few suggestions: You can sell the course as your own. You can put this into a paid membership site. You can offer it as an upsell to your own product. You can create an e-course out of this. You can turn it into an audio or video course…and the ideas go on and on!

It’s only at this low price for a short time, so make sure you check it out now:

Get the Breathe PLR Package Now!

8 Quality PLR Packages on Sale for the next 24 Hours!

Best Quality PLR Hot Topic Sale

If you’re looking for high quality PLR, BestQualityPLR has some of their most requested PLR topics on sale for just under the next 24 hours.

Here are the 8 PLR packages that you can get:

  • Automate Your Business
  • Business Success Mindset
  • Content Marketing
  • Future of Business
  • List Value
  • Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship
  • Working Smarter
  • Writing Tools

Not only will you get those at a great price, but there is an awesome bonus as well for each ite that you purchase. You’ll need to check it out for yourself though!

See what’s in the PLR Hot Topic Sale!

Flash Sale: Today Only Get Web hosting at Bluehost for $2.95 per Month!

Bluehost Flash Sale August 17th

If you’ve been putting off starting your business, or even just having an online blog because you thought it was too expensive, you’re going to want to keep reading.

Bluehost is having a Flash Sale today.

You can get started for just $2.95 a month (as long as you’re willing to prepay your hosting.)

This means that you’ll get everything you need to get started for one low price.

You’ll get hosting, plus you’ll get a free domain name!

If you think you’ll only want/need one domain, you can get the basic package, which is the $2.95 per month. If on the other hand you’re going to want to have multiple domains on your hosting account, then it’s only $1 extra per month at $3.95 to get unlimited hosting. You’ll still get the one free domain name too.

I have multiple hosting accounts, but one of them is with Bluehost, which has quite a few of my domains on it.

I’ve been happy with them. Any time I’ve ever had in issue, it was quick to talk to someone and get it resolved since you can talk to them on the phone or via chat. It was always easy and before I knew it my problem was solved.

If you’ve been looking for reliable hosting, look no further than Bluehost. Plus, with their flash sale, you’ll save a lot of money as well!

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1 Week PLR Special: Traffic Super Pack (4 Reports!) for $17!

Website Traffic Super Pack

Alice Seba over at DIYplr has a great PLR special going on this week. It’s a Website Traffic Super Pack, where you’ll get 4 complete reports, each with eCovers as well as checklists!

This is great for anyone who has a website, because EVERYONE who has a website needs more traffic.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or have been around for a while. You still want more traffic! So this can help anyone that has a website.

Here are the titles:

  • Search Engine Optimization Made Simple
  • Using Social Media to Grow Your Traffic
  • Get More Loyal Blog Followers
  • 101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Since it’s PLR, you can not only learn from it and use it yourself, but make any changes you want and sell it as your own! (This means if you wanted, you could have 4 separate products to sell!)

You can find out more details about each report at the link below.

It’s only $17 ($135 value) until August 24th, so don’t miss it!

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Watch this Free Webinar to See How his Niche Funnel Makes $17,947 per Day!

I’ve been following Russell Brunson for years.

I have bought many of his products, because I know that he knows what he’s doing, and can teach me to make more money online.

If you haven’t seen it yet, he has a free webinar up that you HAVE to see.

In it, he talks about how a weird niche funnel he has is making $17,947 per DAY.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy with making $17,947 per MONTH. That would more than cover my expenses and let me lead the life I want to live.

So if I could even make a fraction of that a day, well, I’d be thrilled.

Don’t be put off though. The funnel is definitely in a strange niche, but you can do the same thing with any other niche as well.

I strongly suggest you see this funnel so you can do something similar.

And as the Relaxed Marketer, I want to tell you how awesome I think it is that you can ethically copy what he did in just about 10 minutes! Why spend more time and stress on something if you don’t have to?

Reserve your seat here:

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Great Resource to Get Ahead in Business: Readly!

I stumbled upon a really cool resource for getting ahead in business just a few short weeks ago.

It’s called Readly!

You’ll probably laugh when I first tell you what it is (because you’ll wonder how on earth it can help your business), but once you see what a great resource it is, I have a feeling you’ll want to try it as well.

Readly is a company that lets you read 1,711 magazines from all over the world.

Now why on earth would that help your business?

Let’s start with the business magazines.

Here are just a few that they have: Inc, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, The Smart Manager, Forbes, Small Business Opportunities, and more.

By reading those, you can learn a lot about getting ahead in business. You’ll get to read articles about successful business people, and learn what they did to get to where they are. You might get some great ideas from them as well as how to grow your business!

But that’s not the only reason I’m really enjoying Readly.

It’s because there are SO many magazines in so many niches from so many countries that I find it gives me a TON of ideas!

Think about it – when you read magazines that you like, you get some great ideas, right? They have a way of writing small articles that really catch your attention and make you want to do something.

Now what if you could read tons of those in your niche?

It would really help, right? It could give you unlimited ideas for new posts, new products, and more.

Let’s pick a random niche.

Let’s say the health niche.

Now, first, you could go to this month’s Consumer Reports, look up their article on supplements, and get an idea for a new post. Maybe “this supplement is not as good as you think it is!” or something like that.  In fact, I bet just from that article alone you’ll get a lot of ideas for new content.

Then, you could go to other magazines in that niche, such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health UK, Your Wellness, Runner’s World UK, Better Nutrition, Prevention, Fit & Well, Shape, Natural Health,
Amazing Wellness, Organic Life, Yoga, Woman’s Health UK, and so many others. On top of that, for each magazine you choose to read, you can look at a bunch of past issues as well.

So think about all of the ideas that you can come up with! If you don’t have a list of ideas of content to write about or talk about after going through just one or two of these magazines, I’d be shocked.

To me it’s been a great way to get a lot of great content, plus learn more about my niche.

Oh, and of course once I’m done working I enjoy looking at all of my favorite magazines!

I wouldn’t want to imagine how much it would cost if I subscribed to even a quarter of the magazines I’ve been reading since I joined Readly.

But with Readly, you can read through as many as you want while you’re a member, and each month you’ll get access to the latest magazines on top of the past issues.

I think it’s a great resource for any niche, and plan to use it to my advantage.

I especially love that there are magazines from all different countries.

It gives me even more topics since different countries are talking about different things.

If you’re looking to learn more about the niche you’re in, keep up with business news, and want to be able to read all of your favorite magazines for one low price, check out Readly. In fact, I bet if you go to the site now, you’ll find at least a dozen magazines that will help you with your business.

They’re so sure you’re going to want to stay, they’re giving you a free week just to try it out.


Just Got “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” Book

New Rules of Marketing

I just got “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” from the library.

My library is the perfect distance away to walk to. There and back is a nice 1-mile walk, which ends up taking about 20 minutes. So when the weather is nice, I love to walk there and see what I can find.

Usually I only look in the new books sections – both the fiction and non-fiction, although once in a while I look other places.

The truth is that I usually have too many books to read, so I’m afraid to go look at more than the new books, or I’ll end up bringing home way too many books.

So the other day I walked to the library, and was really surprised at what I saw in the non-fiction new books section. I saw “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. I was shocked because I never see books like that in the new books section. Usually it’s cookbooks, self-help, and biographies.

I was really excited, and picked it up immediately. After flipping through it, saw that it was interesting enough to bring home, and now it’s sitting here on the couch next to me.

I love writing on my blogs, but I have been a bit slow to use different social media apps. But I know I need to use them, so I figure this book will help with that.

I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet, but hope to in the next few days. I’m looking forward to it though, because like every other blogger and Internet Marketer out there, I want to get out there more and have more people come to my websites.

Hopefully it will help with that!